Monday, February 27, 2012

Clovers for Collins

Back in November of 2010, I met a group of ladies online.  We met on a public forum, as some of thousands of women who were due with babies in May 2011. 28 of us bonded and became part of a smaller exclusive group on facebook.  A long story VERY short, we have become very very good friends! All our babies were born within a two month period in 2011, but we come from very different walks of life, shapes, sizes, parenting styles. We have become a source of support and friendship in this 24 hour schedule we keep as our babies are young and our lives are hectic.

One of the ladies in this group gave birth to her little boy, Collins, two days before I gave birth to Ruby.  Her son passed away just 37 hours after birth, due to a completely unanticipated lung defect in which he was unable to breathe air.  We all mourned for her and loved and prayed for her, even as we all cradled and held our little bundles of joy a little closer in those days following his passing.  My heart still hurts for her when I think of it.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep is a charity that does photo sessions for families whose babies pass, at or shortly after, birth.  They provided a priceless service to my friend and she has taken on the charity as one to support in memory of Collins.  She, with friends as well, has crocheted hundreds of baby caps to donate as momentos to those families who need the services of NILMDTS.

In honor of Collins, as we near what would be his first birthday, my friends and I have founded "Clovers for Collins."  Clovers are a symbol that our friend has become to use in memory of her son as well.  We are making clovers in various forms and will be selling them for St. Patrick's Day.  A $5 donation will bring you a beautiful clover item for the holiday and ALL profits are being donated to Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep in honor of a sweet, perfect, and precious little boy named Collins, who entered and left his mother's arms all too quickly.

The donation will be made on March 18th, what would have been Collins' 10 month birthday.

Please visit our facebook page for this project and consider making a donation to this cause that provides something that most parents never have to cherish...beautiful photos of their angel children.

And go hug your babies.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Nine Months Old!

Ruby is NINE months old today!!!!!!
She's been out ALMOST as long as she was in! ha!

 She has developed such a little personality!
She makes "uh uh uh" sounds...gestures and says "da da da" about EVERYTHING.
She also makes the "ma ma ma" sound, sometimes when crawling to me. ;)
And, she often still makes the "ne ne ne" sound when she's sleepy.
And she groans/sings herself to sleep if she's tired and I rock her in her room.

 Pulling up? check.  Cruising? check.
CRAWLING super fast? check CHECK!

 She only cruises along the table, she doesn't walk behind while pushing yet, she would rather just sit down and crawl REALLY FAST!

She likes to wave and makes a sound back when you say, "hi"
And loves to clap and move/sway with ANY musical beat!
 Often when she cries from falling or hurting herself she will be sounding like she's really trying to TELL us something about it. Lots of sounds like trying to jabber.

 She is into absolutely everything.  Just today I pulled a squinkie, a kidney bean, and a COUGH DROP out of her mouth! (not all at the same time!).  She's to be watched CONSTANTLY!

 She loves the Happy Baby organic puffs, she gets shaking excited when she sees the container.  
She has come to like just about all baby food we have given her now.  She is up to two small meals a day along with nursing.

 She now sleeps in her crib consistently for the first part of the night, mostly while I'm still up, HA!
Then she nurses and sometimes ends up beside me, sometimes back in the crib just depending on her and my mood. :)

 She is spoiled by her family...NAH.
Katie and Noah are such great big siblings.  I honestly don't know how I survived without them to help me before! They are AWESOME at entertaining, loving, teaching, and just keeping an eye out for her quick and mysterious eating adventures.

9 months old!!!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Daddy/Daughter Date Night

 It had only been on the calendar for a couple of weeks (we found out right before they were out of reservations!) but Katie has been looking forward to it and talking about it every single day!
 READY for Daddy/Daughter Date Night at Chick-fil-a!
 LOVE Daddy/Daughter Cows!

These pictures are compliments of a photographer who was taking photos and giving out CDs for everyone! Isn't that a GREAT idea?!?!

 Good conversation and memory making.
They had conversation starters at the was "Favorite Childhood Memory."
Corey shared his.
Katie's answer: "This moment right now"

What could be better?

a ride in a limousine?!
Chick-fil-a had limo rides for everyone after dinner! They rode around downtown Calhoun.
Can you even imagine?

I think someone*one day in the far future* will have a hard time topping these first dates with daddy! :)