Friday, November 30, 2012


It has been a VERY busy time around here.

I have never lived anywhere else while posting to this blog, yet here I sit. In a different bedroom, in a different house, in a different town.  Though we have changed our surroundings, we remain the same family.  Stronger because of the change that has occurred over the past few months.

8 years = the number of years we lived at our former house.

126 days: (18 weeks, less than five months) the amount of time between Corey's last job ending and the time we moved here, which was the final transition to our current stage of life.  I know it won't be permanent, because there are many things in the works for us.  But, what seemed like such a LONG period of time, really in some ways has flashed before our eyes.  God's timing has been so perfect.  We found a wonderful place, in a GREAT location, that is just right for us, right now.  Corey's job is going wonderfully, he has gotten fantastic reviews, lots of good feedback, and is really impressing them all around! And some opportunity for advancement will be coming his way very soon!  He has ROCKED at school-straight As so far, and getting closer every day to having his degree!  The kids have been wonderful....well, Ruby has not adjusted very well to sleeping in the new place, but oh well, it's always something with a toddler around.

We are settled and preparing to celebrate our first Christmas in this new place.  It's so cozy.  And I am loving the convenient location!  The appliances here work great (much better than our old ones!), and the kids have a playroom.  We look forward to using the sunroom as the weather gets warmer, and are really just amazed at what God has provided for us during this transitional period.  

We couldn't have made it through these past months without the love, support of our family.  I truly do not know what people do who don't have someone to turn to when times get tough.  We still have some settling in to do (getting into the groove of the new budget) and the next few months will be make it or break it, but I know we will make it.  I am thankful that I have a husband who works hard and who gives to and for his family.

Now, to end, I will leave some pictures of an impromptu photo session I did with the kids tonight.  Ruby is 18 months old now.  CRAZY.  Corey and I celebrate our thirteenth Christmas together this year.  My, how those years have flown!

Oh, and I am so tired that I forgot to address the title of the post.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Maze

I've been trying to think of what our life is like right now.  An example, a way to explain things.  This is what came to mind.

If, it was a maze that you didn't know you were in until you'd gone down some dead end paths.
And, if it was a maze that you really weren't sure what would be waiting when you come out at the end.
AND, if it was a maze in which you had a guide Who waited right up until you got to the point where you HAD to make a choice, left or right, straight or back, before nudging you in the right direction. 
Don't you love guides like that? 
Of course not.  We want a guide that says, "okay, up ahead, in about 2 miles, you are going to turn right."
Or, like the GPS: "Take the exit right, then stay in the left lane."

Nope, this is the one that when you stop at a red light, they wait and wait and wait, and when the light turns green and you put your foot on the gas they THEN yell, "OH turn right!"

But, if it's someone you really trust, you are going to turn right. I mean, just because they didn't tell you 3 miles back doesn't mean that they don't know where you are going.  If you don't know how to get where you are going, or even KNOW where you are going, you really don't have a choice but to turn right.

Getting from point A to point B, when all you know is how to get to point A.  

We are in awe of God's timing.  When we arrive to the little points in between point A and B, we realize that if we hadn't gone down the dead end path, or if we'd known where we were going and therefore gotten there faster, then each little event wouldn't have happened at the right time.  It's being at the right place at the right time with the right people and under the right circumstances.  

Have you ever seen one of those cartoons where a baby is crawling around and all these calamities are following right behind them, or things happen at just the right time to keep them from falling off the roof of a building, or stopping the rock from falling on their head?  I also think of that.  If that baby had stepped one second sooner or later, disaster would have occurred.

God is so good!