Saturday, May 31, 2014

Next things next

Time keeps on slipping..into the future. ha.

After a very crazy time, we enter yet another crazy time.  I haven't blogged in a while, simply because I've felt my life has been too personal to put out there.  As if life could be more personal that it is at any given point in time.  I don't really care to put everything in my life out there right now, but things are progressing and God is good.  Always good.  We eagerly await the next phase of following where God would have us minister, in what ways, and how. It's sure to be so very satisfying when we figure it out.  I recently went through a Bible study and one of the points was "eat it before you tweet it." Meaning....the Word God gives you doesn't have to immediately go right back out.  You need to get the full meaning, the full WORD before you spit it back out and lose grasp of what it means to you.  Sometimes we step out too soon on faith because we get an inkling or because something is so good it has to be what's next.  But then, if we wait, God will take us and lead us to that next place.  When we are ready.  After we had digested the word. Following the Lord, and not jumping out in front of Him excitedly.  There is wisdom in waiting.  And there is peace in that place.  Sometimes doing something just to be doing something does more harm than good. If it's a distraction from the growth, absorbing the Word and praying for doors to be opened. It will be harder to see the right door when it opens if you are busy jumping in and out of others, dealing with the wasted time and energies thereof.
It reminds me of kids (or adults) counting down to vacation.  It's fun and exciting, mom and dad have told us we are going, but if we left right away we wouldn't have a place to stay.  The place to stay will be ready when it's our time.  And we will be ready, packed, prepared, and responsibilities taken care of.

We've had Christmas and birthdays.  We've completed THE most difficult year of homeschooling to date.  A two year old is extremely challenging and distracting.  We made it though.  We finished testing.  I'm waiting for the results to come and then I can box up this year and put it out of sight and out of mind.  Hoping and praying for a better year next school year.  And looking forward to a BREAK.  Corey will have a school break at the same time, so maybe our family can actually sit down together and have some time that is quality for the first time in a while.  A time without thinking about the school projects that need done, or how behind we are in this or that.

We finished 4th and 5th grade this year, which means I will be teaching a middle schooler next year! I am excited! What a blessing to spend these next few years becoming friends with my daughter, BLESSING and guiding her through this TIME. Any grown women will appreciate this sentiment to its fullest!
And Noah, so close behind, will turn ten this summer.  In just a few weeks.
They are simply wonderful kids!

Ruby is three and going to a two day preschool this fall.  Haha.  It will be good for everyone, not the least of which is our daily heavier school schedules.  We are excited for her!

I have a new laptop, which is blowing my mind.  I can touch the screen and it has a completely different layout and I feel SO very old trying to use it!

Very late bedtime calls!
I won't promise to blog soon, but maybe!