Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I have no q,v,b ctrl, or up arrow. But, worst of all, I have no spacebar. Which makes typing extremely laborious and slooooow.

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby.

Life  with a toddler.

Things are going well so far with my goal of being intentional in 2013. I have gone to bed more often than not with a clean kitchen. And on most days I could open my  front door without embarrassment. ha.

The project of the month for January is to clean out and organize the sunroom...the place that all the immediately unneeded boxes went after we moved in. Corey got a lot done with that last weekend and hopefully we will get the rest done this weekend. It is already apparent that we will have to get rid of even more things in the process.

My hand is already killing me from stopping and straining to get that spacebar hit.

So....I'm done.