Friday, September 21, 2012

A New Season

Where did summer fly away to so quickly? Tomorrow is the first day of fall, but around here it will still look that picture for a while.  Green and colorful as well.  I had never seen this quote about fall before, but it seems quite appropriate for us right now......

As summer turns to fall, we will be experiencing some big life changes.  Changes that will be almost like a spring of sorts.  A new start.  A new schedule, a new job, a new everything really.
Corey and I have always claimed fall as our favorite season, so maybe this one will come through as a time we can look back on as a favorite in our lives.  It's hard to think that way now,  but the following verse came up twice to me today and I am reminded of what we were given back in the summer about holding on and being confident of our choices.  God is with us and isn't going to step out before we get to wherever it is we are headed. Philippians 1:6

In the meantime......

I will hold on to my Strength.  
Continue to be refined and not allow doubt and worry to make my days fruitless. 
 School is going very well.  Ruby has adjusted somewhat and has found a friend in Elmo to get her through the times I can't allow her to sit in my lap while I teach Katie or Noah, ha ha.
She has NOT however, stopped her climbing adventures.  Yesterday I found her sitting in the very middle of the kitchen table.  Pro: we keep the kitchen table cleared off now. Con: All our stuff is going to be on top of the cabinets before she hits two!
Corey, in the midst of everything, remains a straight A student, it's a good thing he doesn't require much sleep!
I started up my Bible study again at church and am loving it! We are working through the book and dvd series "Unglued" about getting in control of your emotions/outbursts.  Very useful stuff!

My phone died Sunday, so I can't share any new pictures. :(
Hopefully they aren't lost forever. And hopefully I will get a new phone going soon.

What a day! What a week! What a summer!
Memorable for sure.