Friday, November 30, 2007

Just when I think I've run out of things to blog.....

So I will just get right to the story here. ?!?! The "?!?!?" are here to represent my emotions during the entire fiasco that can be described in no other terms.

Noah comes in to the living room while I am talking on the phone and says "Katie pooped a domino!"
"Katie is sitting on the potty and she pooped on a domino!"
?! okay just a little bit more sense in that statement.?!
Going into the bathroom.'
Katie is standing up from the potty and Noah points and says "See?"
Sure enough, there is a Diego domino IN the toilet.
What would be the next logical question of course..."Who put the domino in the potty?!"
They both point to each other. "She did" "He did"
WHO put the domino in the toilet ? I REPEAT.
"We both did."

Next question: "WHY did you put a domino in the toilet?"

Noah: "We were playing hide and seek dominoes" *matter of factly spoken*


Noah's reponse: "I guess we have to flush it now"
NO! We have to get it out!" I say.

Noah: "You have to get your toilet scooper."

?WHAT!?!?! No clue what that means, just move on...

Fishing the domino out of the the great cheers of Noah who I suppose thinks it is an awesome day when you get to put your hand in the toilet.

For the record, there was no poop, just a domino.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We Three Kings

Changing things up a bit this Christmas at our far as the gifting goes. I had read an article several years ago in a parenting magazine about the gift tradition that this one particular family did. I really liked it at the time, thought, "that would be a neat thing to do" with absolutely no thought that we would ever consider it.
Now, after several Christmases with small children, we have considered, and adopted it for our tradition this year.
Each of our children, (plus Corey and I) will receive THREE gifts this year. This will be a remembrance of the three gifts presented to Jesus by the Magi.
One gift will be something we want.
One gift will be something we need.
One gift will be something that the family can all enjoy.
This was a tough decision, as it is difficult to not go crazy at the toy store with buying every cool new toy and fun thing you see. But, as a blessed family with many close relatives nearby, our children have the priveledge of getting pretty much whatever they want/need throughout the it doesn't all have to be over the top at christmas. The other reason for this is for there actually to BE a reason for getting gifts for ourselves at all at Christmas! We aren't crazy about the whole Santa thing. When Katie was first born I just felt silly pretending about Santa, lying about it, feeding these ideas in her just seems strange and improbable that a guy, for no reason whatsoever, would travel around the world sneaking into people's homes dropping presents. WEIRDO! Then, my friend, shared with me how her family never "believed in" Santa but just pretended and how it was JUST as magical and special to them. It didn't ruin their lives or the surprise of the holiday and gifts. She has taught her son about the fun of "pretending" that Santa brings gifts (but how he isn't a REAL person) and he has a blast leaving cookies that they will "pretend" that Santa will eat, etc.
So, as I was already on the bandwagon, it didn't take much convincing to throw the Santa story out the window. Not that it isn't fun to pretend, kids love why lie to them? They know that there are no such things as unicorns and fairy princesses, but they still have fun pretending. our house, the tradition changes this year. I am looking forward to actually playing with each and every one of the three things our children get. Taking the time to enjoy each one, to discuss WHY we are getting these presents and what it means. Talk about what we can/did for others for this holiday to make it better for others since we are so richly blessed with "stuff."
I guess between my last two posts I am looking more and more like the eccentric mom here.'s not like I am crazy about everything. My kids have chores, are respectful, have healthy imaginations, love to play together, enjoy life...they are having just as much fun as other kids...if not more I think!
anyway...go ahead and post your comments...
Oh...and for my friend who has so many great ideas:
I am really not a stalker trying to be you and copy everything your family does! I just think we are long lost kindred spirits and now you are helping me "out" all the ideas I have had since now I can say "well...she does it so I am not the only crazy mom thinking of this!" thanks!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Peace in Homeschooling

Well..I have avoided the topic till now, just because I didn't want to offend anyone...but really I don't have anything offensive to say...and if you are reading this, then you must be my friend and will hopefully realize that I am talking about my belief here, and nothing is meant to criticize anyone for their choices!
So, with that being said, I just want to say that I LOVE homeschooling! children seem to enjoy it as well!

They are learning so much! I want to brag that my daughter is reading end of year kindergarten level books (in case you didn't know they read in kindergarten these days!) and so that puts us at being on track for first grade level by the end of the year! (She just turned 5). She knows even and odd numbers, can add number up to 10 in her head, and her handwriting is looking very good!
Noah is also doing very well! He has learned his address, phone number, birthday, letters A-G and the sound (the important part) and can recognize numbers and count. Besides that, he knows all this colors, shapes, lots of stuff about various "stuff." Oh, and Katie knows what a quadrilateral and parrallel lines are! And...Noah can write his name! (he is 3)
They also both have friends at church, can interact in a group of students at the local playschool where they play while I have moms bible study, and have access to many more, but we have such a full schedule that we just haven't had time to go to park day yet.
I am saying all this to say: homeschooling works, and it works well!
I do not mean at all to sound like I am bragging...but I am a mom, and as the one who was there when her children learned all the above mentioned things: I am PROUD of them! (and their teacher!)
Why should a mom cry because she has to send her child "off to school." I believe our family is growing closer every day, bonding, sharing our lives in a way that is just incomparable. I have to say that homeschooling has equaled "PEACE" in our home. Just like the name we chose for our school: PEACE Academy.

Peace in knowing that Katie and Noah can learn at their own pace (Be it fast or slow). Peace in knowing that they are safe. Peace in knowing that they can stay in out of the stormy, snowy, cold, or hot weather. Peace in knowing that the friends they have are from families we know, that we know will be a positive influence in their lives. Peace in knowing that what they are reading, being read to, learning about science, learning about values, are all things based in a belief system that we believe to be honest and true. Peace from knowing that there is no divided allegience between what is going on at school and what is going on at home. Peace in knowing that their faith will have time to be built strongly, matured, and nourished before it is attacked by outside views. Peace in knowing that that we can say that we did what was right for us, and we have all benefitted from it.
Some may view this as being a sheltering parent. I believe that all the "unsheltering" my child needs can be acheived by walking through the mall or Wal-Mart.
This is just my opinion. Some may not feel called to homeschool their children. That it is a matter that should be prayer over, and I don't disagree. But, how many people pray over sending their children anywhere else? Would they be willing to accept that they weren't called to send their children to public or private school? God doesn't always call us to our comfort zone. I just felt the need to share my views, as it has become something very dear to me. I want everyone to experience the closeness and rewards of being a homeschool family. It is just so much fun, so rewarding, and not to mention the flexibility. All that stuff I mentioned at the beginning? We just started school in September, and we average 2 1/2 hrs 3 days a week of actual "school." It is awesome! And our kids are wierdos because of it. We were all wierdos long before we started homeschooling! :) Oh, and I don't claim to have any advantage by having been a teacher before...I am glued to every word of the script in my math teacher's manual!

Friday, November 2, 2007

The Voice in the Attic!

Isn't it funny how kids view the world? When I was little I remember being so fascinated by the speakers of the stereo. It was so above my level of comprehension the way a stereo worked...I really and truly pictured tiny people playing tiny instruments in there. How else would that music be coming out of there? I guess now that I think about it, that must be one of my earliest memories...I thought I had no memory before like 5th grade, but there are vague remembrances.
We took our daughter to Fuddruckers for a late birthday dinner Sunday night. The idea was to go somewhere they would make a big deal and sing to her and all that. She always gets a thrill when that happens to other people when we are eating. So...we talked to the people and they said they would see what they could do. The manager comes over and says that he doesn't understand, but his people just don't know the birthday song (?!?!?!?!?) and they don't sing there. But he is going to work out something special. (I have to ask: who is the manager here can he not require his workers to sing for birthdays and just what country did these waiters and waitresses grow up in that they don't *know* the birthday song?!?!?!) Anyway...long story short which includes us ordering a brownie blast bc we didn't think we would get anything free, hoping that if we buy, they will sing...the manager brings over a big ice cream sundae with a cookie for Katie. She is thrilled. Then, right after, he announces over the intercom: "We would like to wish a very happy birthday to Katie who is 5 years old today!" and everyone claps etc.
And now to where I bring it back around to the subject of the post. Katie was sharing with her Meme later about the fun and relayed the memory as this: "The voice in the attic said happy birthday Katie!"
The things we just don't think about having to explain. I don't remember when I didn't know that voices "in the attic" were real people talking in a speaker. I do, however, remember when I thought that there was such a thing as people who could fly. Ask my husband when he found out that Epcot wasn't all "in the big ball!" lol.