Friday, August 26, 2011

A Big Day!


Thursday, August 25, 2011


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

3 months

Ruby has been here (only?!) 3 months?? (already?!?!)

I still don't think it really feels like there are three kids in the house.  Maybe because #3 isn't mobile yet! ha!

We took some photos Saturday, on the 20th, her 3 month milestone day.
 She has lost all the hair on one side of her head! Thus the headband.

She has a very expressive face, especially her eye brows.

LOVING her fingers still.  They are her favorite things!

 She lifts her head very well.  She moves all around the blanket on the floor, scooting on her back.  She can arch her back up really high!  But, no rolling over yet.
Last night she spent her first night in the bedside co-sleeper.  She did great! I wasn't resting well anymore with her windmill moves all night long and with rolling over coming soon, this seemed safer for now.  I missed her while I was going to sleep, but not while I was sleeping.  We both slept 7 hours straight, then 2 1/2 more!
She's just 8 inches further away, ha ha.

 Family picture.  Corey joked that he looked like he was plotting against the family.  But this is the best one we got.

 Lots of laughs and cooing.  She still loves bathtime.
Katie and Noah are the best big sister and brother Ruby could ever ask for!
School is going great.  She sleeps still a lot in the morning so we get most everything done during that time period.  Then when she is awake they work on their independent paper stuff.

This baby is 100% JOY!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Schoolwork

Katie's math page from today......

Her math pages always end up a little bit enhanced with doodlings from her imagination...
or in this case...from Spongebob.
She also took it upon herself to answer all the problems with the written out words. 
I'm not going to least all the answers are correct! HA!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Checking In and a Little Bragging. :)

Well, Ruby is growing like a WEED! Time needs to slow down a little bit I'm telling you!
I have been writing every little thing down on our calendar on the fridge.  I noticed that last Thursday I noted that she had finally gotten a toy with her hands and pushed it up to her mouth.  I was a teeny bit hesitant to write it down because it was almost accidental.  But I'm glad I did.  Because today, I noticed in just a week's time, that she has become an expert at purposely grabbing things and putting them up to her mouth.  It's amazing how quickly new skills are perfected!  She can get from her back up to her side, but not all the way over, yet I'm sure that the rolling will happen soon also.
This week, I had a really bad day.  And Corey happened to be out of town.  I had gotten Ruby fed and asleep and I laid her in the middle of the bed so I could jump in the shower.
Well...of course what happens as soon as I get in?  She starts crying of course.  I am rushing through my shower and after a minute or two she stops crying.
I get out of the shower and see this.......

Big Brother reading her a story!

 He was quick to assure me that he did not pick her up.  In fact, he was eager to demonstrate how he had rolled himself underneath her by lying down on the bed and scooting. ha ha.
They are such fantastic helpers.  Most of the time.  It seems while I am cooking dinner...the only time I can't actually hold her and do what I am doing, they want to scatter to their room and leave her to sit alone.  They quickly saw the benefit of my being able to cook so they are better about helping me now.

School is going great.  We are finishing up our 6th week tomorrow.  They both started their class this week as well.  On Mondays from 1pm-5pm they are taking a Marine Biology class at the Education Playstation.
We chose to put them in a class together this time.  I have a feeling I am going to really value those 4 hours when I can run errands and get groceries with just the wee one in tow.

They are learning cursive handwriting this year.  I bought the books last year but after just one letter I realized they were not ready.  But this year is going great!  I am especially proud of Katie, because print handwriting hasn't always been her favorite thing to do neatly and slowly, ha ha.  Here are their papers from today:

Noah didn't put his name at the top:

And Katie's.  She is also learning capitalization and punctuation rules, thus the name choice at the top, ha.

The heat has us going a little stir crazy.  It's supposed to be a little milder this weekend so we hope to get out and do something away from the house for once.  I hope the weather cooperates!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Noah Putting a Sock on Ruby's Foot