Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Katie's 10th Birthday!

Katie turned TEN!  I can't believe it.  Still in shock. ha!
She had a "rainbow" and "Moshi Monsters" themed birthday party.
She made invitations, handed them out, went to spend the night with her Meme, and we SURPRISED her with her party a week early!

 The rainbow tablecloth swag, thanks Aunt Jenn!

 The Moshi Monsters Cake, from Heaven Scent Cakes, in Cartersville.
The rainbow cupcakes, thanks Aunt Hannah!

 The moment of SURPRISE! She came right before the guests and got to see everything and gear up for the party!

 Arts and Crafts: bottle cap bracelets and scratch off masks/door hangers.
Some of the food sitting out, with the "moshi monster" themed names, like sludge dip, and slugs in rugs.
Thanks Meme and Nanna for working so hard getting the food out!

 Nail Art. 
Ruby got a fingernail painted.

 Blowing out TEN candles was hard work!
Noah and a friend, spent most of the party outside, but came in for a cupcake.

 Enjoying time with her friends.
All the gals at the party.

Beautiful nails! by Aunt Jenn! THANKS!

A wall of pictures of Katie, and the shoe donation table. 
We ended up with 19 pairs of shoes for Simone's Kids.

Aunt Jenn finishing up Katie's nail art.

 end of party pics with the grandparents.

 Katie reading her "things we love about katie" book, put together by her friends and family.
She has probably read it 50 times, and I am probably underestimating that!
One of my favorite pics ever.  I got the biggest hug ever!
It was a really fun day!
I measured her just a few minutes ago and she is now 4'9". Only 7" shorter than me!

And now, Katie is going to tell you about her party, with pics she picked out to post. :)

Hey everybody this is the main character Katie and I have sevral pics to share.

below: a hug from Ru (Rare)

                                                            Below: A boy I invited to keep Noah occupied.
                                                          Below 3 times: YUMMYS

Below: the cutest thing in the galaxy.                                      
 Below: CRAZY CREW!!!!!
 Below: La di da I am a cute 10 yr old!!!!
 Now Impressions
 um what?
 OH its a.......
 IS THIS A........
 TICKET TO A.........

Ok thats it for the show thanks for watching STYD tv (scream till you die)