Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Something serious, but not...

I have a warning for everyone reading this blog: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT buy Crayola Silly Scents crayons for anyone on your shopping list. Not unless you have an abnormal affection for the smell of dirt and old avon perfume.
I picked these up at Target to put in my kid's stockings. Well, I am battling a bad cold today and trying to rest all day. Needless to say as soon as I secured the front door, had all juice cups refilled and settled in with a blanket and closed my eyes I get screaming kids fighting and running to tell me that smoothie has been spilled all over the carpet.
So....we got a little Christmas surprise early. I went to the closet to take out a surprise to distract them for a while so I can rest. And boy was it a surprise! I expected things like red = strawberry, blue = blueberry, black = licorice, etc. Well...these "silly scents" have a totally different theme!
purple = pixie powder, pink = princess perfume, teal = sea serpent, green = alien armpit, and the ridiculousness goes on and on!
Anything "girly" sounding smells like old avon perfume. Anything "boy" sounding smells like dirt and avon from being in the box with the other ones. Noah only colored with them for about 30 seconds before he was putting the "stinky" crayons back in the box!
I don't know whose bright idea it was to have such horrible smells for crayons, but apparently they must have unearthed an antique supply of old lady's cologne, or else something went terribly wrong at the crayola factory and they decided to capitalize on it with a weird smell theme.
Anyway....don't buy it, unless it's for your GREAT grandmother's stocking!
I am really glad we didn't "open" those on Christmas morning! UGH! What a spoiler that would have been!

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