Thursday, October 18, 2007

Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let it Rain

I had not noticed just how bad the rain situation is. I avoid the news, and the only time I check the weather is when it looks like it might be "bad." So....I didn't know just how long it had been since it rained. I don't enjoy being out in the rain, so to me, out of sight, out of mind. I knew that we had water restrictions but when was the last summer when we didn't? So...this morning, when my kids got up...they ran back from the kitchen yelling "It's raining! It's raining! Mommy, it's raining!" You would have thought they were talking about snow! Seriously, in the life of a child, a day seems like a week, so to them it has been a lifetime since they saw it raining out the window. Remember when waking up to snow was about the #2 best thing that could happen in your life? *sigh* Just this week, someone told me that there was some town in GA that was completely out of water...which upon researching I discovered that they were 2 weeks away from no water...(huge difference here people, get your facts straight :) That's when I realized it was so bad. Then, when I did bother to check the forecast (not because of the rain, because our air is messing up and I want to know when the fall weather is coming for Pete's sake!)...anyway, when I did check the forecast...what do you know...2 days of rain in the forecast! So, my worrying over the rain for months did not bring it any sooner or later. I missed out on all that stress....and now it is raining. I am sitting here in the same rain as the people who checked their brown plants every day, who worried over the level of the lake for weeks, and who got out in the middle of the night to water their grass for months. I am happy that we are getting rain today, don't get me wrong. I think it is great. So do my kids. But what I am more worried about is this: are we going to sweat in the halloween costumes or what? Where is the chilly air and the frost!??? My air conditioner unit and I WANT TO KNOW!

Monday, October 8, 2007

No mail today...

Thanksgiving....You go to the mailbox twice checking for your goodies...scratching your head on the way back..."hmmm....I know we just had Labor Day in Sept...Halloween is at the end of the month but the mail runs that day...hmmm...what IS it today??? BOOM! Columbus Day! Surprise! No mail today! Need stamps? Sorry! ha ha ha haSo I am expecting something fun and exciting in the mail and it took two trips to the mail box before I figured out that today is a "holiday." And I use the term very loosely. I guess there is a reason for Columbus Day. The only use I have ever had for it is a chance to do some "fun" stuff for social studies when I taught first grade. If you consider learning about Christopher Columbus (who did NOT discover America) fun. Who celebrates besides bankers, postmen, and elementary school classes? I will name them all now: no one. This day is more or less just a joke by the tellers and postal guys on everyone else now. They take their "holiday" at home all the while laughing as they picture ALL THE REST OF THE BUSINESS AND COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL WORLD being caught off guard once again by the obscure surprise, just when you thought you were ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving! No money deposits today! (Thank goodness for annoying would THAT be?!) I will not be going out of my way to teach about Columbus Day at my homeschool either. I choose to be surprised. I choose to learn about Chris when the time come in our studies of U.S. history. (much later.) It's not that I don't care about him, it's that I think we could really choose someone else to honor by now...or something else....take out Columbus Day and replace it with a 9/11 holiday....or I don't know...something that MEANS something to someone now. I mean...really...the guy didn't really discover why do WE have this random holiday hanging around still? We should celebrate the day a guy invented THAT is something extremely useful and meaningful. Have you seen those plastics make it possible commercials? I had no idea! Labor Day too...what is up with that holiday? A holiday to take off work to commemorate that we work? Kind of strange...June needs a about sharing the love?