Friday, November 6, 2009

Impromptu Fall Break!

Last Friday, Corey came home and reminded me about his upcoming trip to Pennsylvania.
I asked, "Can we come?"
I have often asked that question but then we usually both decide pretty quickly that the timing wouldn't work or something. BUT, this time...there wasn't a reason to not go, so there I was planning for an over a week road trip with only two days to prepare!
If you know me at all, you know I am kind of an obsessive trip planner! ha ha!
Laundry, packing, and quick research and we were on our way, early Monday morning!

Our kids have been FANTASTIC road travelers!

Our first stop "of note" on our drive from Adairsville, GA to Pittsburgh, PA, was at the Sanders Cafe in Corbin, Kentucky. Here they are sitting with "The Colonel."
(by the way....not too impressive of a stop, ha!)
We made it all the way to Wheeling, WV on our first day's drive! Talk about great timing! About an hour from Pittburgh. (if that) Here they are enjoying their favorite feature of traveling with Daddy, especially to the north where most pools at hotels are indoor!

Riding on the cart...another fun activity! ha!
We spent that next day around the Pittsburg area. I have to say, the view when you go through the Ft. Pitt Tunnel and come out onto a bridge and see THIS breathtaking! My photos don't do it justice and it is impossible to get the affect because you go through this really long tunnel and then see that view...amazing! Click on that link to see someone else's better photo! ha! We got out at a mall in Pittsburg while Corey drove around to see some music stores. Then the next day, Wednesday...we spent part of in Hershey. Of course in between all this stuff we are stopping at music stores (the purpose of the trip so far).
Hershey was pretty fun. They have a free chocolate factory tour..well, it is a simulated "ride" that shows how chocolate is made from the beginning to the end.
Here is Katie enjoying some chocolate barbecue sauce. It was really delicious. Not sweet chocolate, but made with a tad of cocoa. Mmmmm.
We stopped outside Hershey while Corey plotted out the next stores and places to see on our way to the Lancaster area.
They played on a playground and wrote postcards. I have to say that the GPS has been amazing for this trip. We just searched for "park" and went straight to the closet playground!
Yesterday, Katie and I decided to be twins for the day. I curled my hair like hers.

Here we are in Lancaster County...Amish country!
It rained.
We had lunch at the Bird-in-Hand Family restaurant. DE-LI-CIOUS! Homemade food and desserts. I had to get this photo for my Beverly Lewis loving friends! So cool!
The horse and buggy carriages were everywhere. We didn't take a buggy tour because we are trying to save up our money so we can do everything we really want to do that we have to pay for (more on that later). It was neat to drive through, even though it was raining the whole time.

These are our church t-shirts. Everyone who travels gets their photos made to put in our bulletin to show where all our "shirts" have been. It is a fun thing to do! It was so cold and rainy that we just threw Corey's and my t-shirts over their coats to get a photo!
My husband..the Amish farmer.

I thought this sign was so funny! The photo was actually taken at a Wal-mart parking lot. They had a separate parking area for horses and buggies. One had actually just backed up and pulled out but we missed getting the photo! :(

SO....I am sitting in our hotel room right now. We are in King of Prussia, PA for the weekend for a music show. Katie and Noah are enjoying another perk of hotels rooms...cable! ha ha! We have our schoolwork to work on when we have time.

When Corey is finished with set-up today we hope to head over to Philadelphia or Valley Forge. The plan was for me to take the local bus system and see some things on my own with the kids, but the local transit is on strike! Total change of plans! I do NOT feel comfortable driving over to Philadelphia by myself. It is about 20 miles from where we are.

Now...for the really fun news! We hope to take a train from New Jersey to New York City on Monday!!!! We found out it would cost about $60 round trip for the four of that is why we are being very frugal with what we choose to do! I have never been there and being so close I am very excited about the idea!!!!! New stuff to research! ha ha!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you all are having a "blast". What a blessing that you were able to go on this "spur of the moment" trip. Now, I REALLY want to go to Lancaster. And,Yes, this makes me want to read Beverly Lewis again. ;-) I am glad that Corey didn't shave his beard off earlier.
love ya'll

Karen said...

Love the pictures! Sounds really good, except for the transit strike...oh well, I'm sure you will think of something...the New York side trip would be awesome!

Andy's Bethy said...

I hadn't come over here to check for a blog, since it was supposed to be on hiatus.... I am so glad you decided to write. I have been trying to keep myself happy with facebook updates, but I am going through some serious Carrie withdrawal this week. We are going to have to have some serious talk time next week to make up for it!
I LOVE the picture of Corey in the Amish hat, the twin curls are wonderful, and I have been to Corbin KY to sit with the Colonel too, when I was a kid.
I am going to go read the next post now... I like to go in order.

EmileeHope said...

New York!! I love New York! It is worth the trip and the extra money!! Sounds like y'all are having a great time so far! How fun!!