Saturday, October 30, 2010

Birthday Week: Part Two

 We celebrated  Katie's "actual" birthday with dinner at Steak n' Shake.

 We had to wait a few minutes for a table (new SnS, small town), so Katie opened an extra gift, reserved especially for the special day.

 Wedding Barbie!

 Birthday Hot Fudge Sundae!
It was a fun night, good food.
This morning, we concluded birthday week with the Disney On Ice Show in Chattanooga.
Corey dropped Katie and myself off at UTC Arena and he and Noah were driving across town to do a short train ride.  It wasn't until about 5 minutes into the ice show that I discovered I had left my phone in the car!  Ooops!  Thankfully we had discussed at great length, the plans for the day.  The fact that his train ride if he took the one at noon, (1 hr) would be over about the same time as the show (2 hrs) and they would come back and get us after we leisurely made our way out of the show.  I hoped this was a time he had listened to my endless ranting about the details of the day and that he would show back up in time to get us.

 Noah performed some "feats of strength" today.  

 Pre-train ride hot dog.

 A mold for a train wheel.

 They had a blast on the round trip train ride.  We want to do something like this as a family sometime...something longer. the Princess Classics on Ice show....

 ALL the princesses were there...and their princes.

 Jasmine and Aladdin
 Aurora and her fairies.
 Here's Sebastian and the Under the Sea friends.

 Ariel and the Sea Witch
 Not a great photo, but Snow White and the dwarves.
 "Don't eat the apple!" all the kids yelled!

 Belle and the Beast
 And a finale right  before intermission...all the happy endings of the previous stories.  Oh, they also had a Mulan segment, but I didn't post a pic of that, sorry.  Mulan's man, can't remember his name, was actually Katie's favorite.

 All those princesses in one place!
 Katie enjoying the show. We had great seats!

 The entire second half was Cinderella, in much more detail than the other stories.
 The mice were adorable!

 A beautiful finale

 All the couples returned for the "grand" Grand finale, celebrating Cinderella and Prince Charming's happy ending.

 Katie enjoyed an abundance of "show loot" thanks to some birthday money in the mail (thanks Memaw and Grandaddy!)  She got the light up twirly toy, a banner, and a huge bag of cotton candy that came with a golden crown.  She loved it! 
 Noah also got a little something, a small "ligao" train set (the chinese knock off lol).
On the way home we stopped at a place in Calhoun called Popcorn Haven.  Someone at church told us about the incredible popcorn flavors they have and we wanted to see if it in any way possible compared to Garrett Popcorn from Chicago.  It is an okay substitute actually.  Especially since we haven't had the hot fresh Garrett variety in a couple of months now. ha ha.
Each of the kids picked out a mini bag.  Katie got "rainbow" (all kinds of flavors from blueberry to chocolate, to mango all mixed up) and Noah got kettle corn.

 Oh, when we stopped at the mall for fast food the kids did a quick run in the photo booth.

 Corey, of course, got us the "chicago" style mix.  Nothing beats the fresh, melt in your mouth, hot Garrett brand, but this is an okay second.  This place has literally hundreds of flavors of popcorn.  Crazy!

So, birthday week is OVER!  I am one tired mama! But it was great!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Katie!

Eight years ago just about everyone we knew was sitting a Floyd Hospital waiting on this girl to make her appearance!
 (the oldest pic I can find on my computer right now.  
Back in 2002 we were still taking mostly "film" pictures! ha ha!)

Katie was 8 lbs 8 oz when she was born.  Today, she weighs: 85 pounds!

Unfortunately I am a bad mom and can't remember her length at birth. :(  
But today she is: 4'4 1/4" (52 1/4")!!  Only 1 foot shorter than me!

Here are some of her favorites as of today:
Favorite color: red
Favorite meal: spaghetti and meatballs
Favorite: dessert: cupcakes
Favorite tv show: Strawberry Shortcake
Favorite thing to do: sit on her bed and play Barbies
Favorite book: her Barbie book
What she wants to be when she grows up: a beautiful princess
Favorite school subject: science
Favorite place to visit: Chicago

There will be more to post later because the "actual birthday" (as we like to say) festivities will take place this evening.  Dinner at Steak n Shake, cupcakes, and of course this weekend, the conclusion of birthday week with the Disney on Ice Show.  Stay Tuned!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Katie's 8th Birthday

We had Katie's family birthday party today.  Yes, it's a little early, but her birthday is very close to Halloween and everything is always really busy the weekend following her birthday for that reason.  I prefer when we have her party early.

Here is the CUTE cake, from Publix:

It's a hat with a purse on top, surrounded by sparkly  flower cupcakes.  The cake server is a shoe with a flower and the flower is also a pony tail holder!
The sunglasses were also included with the cake for decoration.
The party theme was Barbie, but Katie didn't like any of the Barbie cake choices.  This "shopping diva" cake was perfect! There were shoes and purses on the Barbie tablecloth as you can see, so it was a cute match!

 Blowing out the candles!

 Happy Birthday to Katie!
Interesting fact: I was pregnant on Katie's 1st birthday too. ha ha.

 Everyone enjoying some cake.
I got creative with tissue paper this year and made poofy tissue paper centerpieces for the tables.
I  was proud of myself!

 Then it's time for presents!
I am not sure I will have every one posted, so sorry if I miss something.

 The gift is cut out of this picture, but I love her face.  She was surprised by several new "girly" DS games...

 for her new DS!  Metallic Rose color!

 She got three DS games: My Little Pony, Imagine Babysitters, and Super Princess Peach (Peach saves Mario and Luigi)
 And a BIG surprise!  Tickets for Disney Princess Classics on Ice!  She was not expecting that!

 Lots of Barbie gifts this year.....
Newborn baby doctor Barbie set....

 New pjs from Chris and Hannah...
 and boots!

 Potty Training Pups Barbie Set

 And straight from her wishlist: strawberry marshmallows!

She also got a Rapunzel doll that has little animals that braid the hair, it's so cute! Sorry for no picture, it is completely unintentional, but it is MURDER to get pictures on here in the right order after having loaded all the previous ones, so you will just have to see it here.

We had a fantastic time and Katie is enjoying playing with all her new treasures!
The birthday celebration will continue on Saturday  morning when we head up to Chattanooga for the Princesses on Ice show. Corey and Noah are planning to drive us up there and take a train ride while we are at the show.  It should be a fun day, so pray that I feel good! :)