Sunday, April 17, 2011

Update: Part 3

1. Laundry closet cleaned out, upper shelf organized for linens/sheets. DONE
2. Hallway closet cleaned out, reorganized for board games and school supplies instead of linens. DONE
3. Kids toys moved into their new room, organized on shelves. DONE
4. Noah's clothes moved into Katie's closet with new closet organizer rods in place. DONE
5. "Playroom" reorganized into baby storage space with extra bed set up. DONE
6. Our closet cleaned out and reorganized. DONE
7. Our bedroom completely cleaned out and readied for painting. DONE
8. Paint our bedroom and bathroom. half DONE

Look at all the stuff that is DONE on our list! YAY!  But how is it that we still have what seems like a million things left to do?!?!?! ha ha.

We JUST got the bedroom furniture set up in the baby room.  It looks so beautiful!  Corey and I are both having last minute panic about "she" turning out to be a "he" but it's probably just finding something to worry about.
I'm not sure the bathroom is going to get painted/done before she gets here.  But our bedroom looks so much better with the fresh beige covering the marker scribbles that Noah bestowed upon them as a toddler.

Time to move on to a new to-do list:

1. Get all the baby stuff organized in the baby room.
2. Buy stuff needed still on our must have list. (changing pad for dresser, robe for me, nursing bra, replacement parts for breast pump)
3. Get bags packed for me, baby, and kids.
4. Buy supplies we/I need to have on hand post partum at home. (assorted pharmacy and Walmart items)
5. Get the flower bed area in the front yard presentable for post baby visitation.
6. Wash baby supplies (esp the cloth diapers) to have ready when we get home from the hospital.
7. Finish getting house deep cleaned and keep it up! ha!
8. Get sheets for the bed in the baby room!

Side list (need to accomplish but not urgent)
1. Get Katie's costume together for her play at the end of May.
2. Get homeschool stuff/records from this year put away and stock cart with next year's supplies.


Jackie Koll said...

I'm impressed with that list especially at 36 weeks! With Josh I was on bedrest so very little got done; with Nate, I took week 34 off of work and did everything from complete all Christmas shopping to making sure every gift was wrapped and every corner was cleaned (since he was coming a few days before Christmas!) It was so nice to be 'ready'.

Karen said...

Let me know what I can do to help...