Monday, May 2, 2011

Update: Part 5

1. Get all the baby stuff organized in the baby room. DONE
2. Buy stuff needed still on our must have list. DONE even though we didn't get everything I listed last time, we have what we need  so I'm not stressing.
3. Get bags packed for me, baby, and kids. DONE
4. Buy supplies we/I need to have on hand post partum at home. DONE
5. Get the flower bed area in the front yard presentable for post baby visitation. DONE the worst of it.
6. Wash baby supplies (esp the cloth diapers) to have ready when we get home from the hospital. DONE
7. Finish getting house deep cleaned and keep it up! ha! DONE
8. Get sheets for the bed in the baby room! um...there's a quilt thrown over the bed! ha!

Corey being supervised while digging up a huge dead bush that we've been meaning to dig up for a while.

 They found TONS of worms in the dirt.
 Noah actually held one!

 While I was inside deep cleaning the floors.  Corey moved all the furniture and I just had to run the cleaner, so it wasn't that bad.  The floors look so much better now!
So the only thing we haven't gotten done that I would like to get done is to get sheets for the guest bed.  But that really is NOT a necessity for before Ruby comes.  Just soon thereafter in the next few months in case Corey has to travel and I need help.  In other words...we're ready!  Clean house...packed bags.
I even used some birthday money to get new pretty bathroom furnishings for our bathroom so it will be nice and inviting for me upon arriving home! :)


Godsgalnj said...

SO excited for you!! =) *hugs* That's awesome and impressive that you got all that done! I have no idea where you get the energy to do everything on the list. Hope you have lots of rest time this week!

Andy's Bethy said...

I can't wait to come over and see how the new bathroom decor looks. That was a fun shopping trip!
I need to get you out and walking now. Let's walk this little girl out...