Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20th!

 WOW! Ruby is already a month old! about an hour and ten minutes. :)  Like everything else after you are a grown up time has seemed to crawl and fly.  I am really enjoying every single minute.  Ruby seems to enjoy herself also.....
 Noah loves her and asks to hold her often.
 Katie is the entertainer.  Though last night she asked to go play instead of entertaining her while dinner was being prepared.  Oh well...
 She is the cutest thing ! Everyone in the house agrees!

 She loves sitting with us at the table at dinner...the bouncy seat on the floor wasn't cutting it.  So, thanks to a gift from Memaw and Grandaddy, we got this booster high chair that attaches to a regular chair.  We are five around the table now and it is awesome! I thought of taking this photo last night after I pulled the chair over near to where I was making pancakes for dinner.  She was getting really impatient for her own dinner, so no smiles in that shot, ha ha.

Katie made this sign for me to take her one month photo. Right on cue this morning, Ruby started really cooing and responding to our talking to her.  She has been very attentive since birth, and also smiling, but today she really has seemed to be talking back regularly with sounds and smiles.
She is sleeping great!  I usually get at least one 4-5 hour stretch of sleep each night.  Then she settles down easily for another 3-4 hours.  No complaints here!
All these photos were taken with my phone.  I also took the same photos with the better camera but they are still on the memory stick.  One day we will get them off and I'll post some better shots. 
We have another milestone this week, Noah is turning seven!  


Becky said...

AWW!! Time is flying by......and I agree and I don't live in the household....she IS the CUTEST! The picture with Noah is adorable. What a great big brother. I love the picture of Katie reading to Ruby and looks like Ruby is really paying attention!

Jocelyn said...

Happy 1 month birthday, Ruby!! :) She is SO very adorable! And a very happy seventh birthday, Noah!! I hope you all have a very enjoyable week! =)