Tuesday, September 20, 2011

4 Months Old!

 Ruby is 4 months old today!

Her biggest accomplishment:  finding her VOICE!

She likes to YELL.  Not angrily.  Not upset.  Just talking REALLY LOUDLY. :)

She is sitting forward more when given a little bit of support, and of course....

 everything goes straight to her mouth.

She is loving her thumb.  
Rolling back to front every single time we lay her down.
She even inches along a little bit by squirming around while on her belly.
Still a great sleeper (most of the time, as long as I am good on my no dairy diet) and wakes up happy.

She is also enjoying her toys on her tray while we eat dinner...and constantly throwing them in the floor.  Noah, ever looking for a reason to get out of his chair and not eat, 
is eager to gather them for her, time after time.
This Sunday is her dedication at church.  She outgrew the outfit we were going to put her in (Katie's dedication dress), also outgrew the second choice, and isn't big enough yet for the alternate second choice.  So....she will be getting something new to wear after all! :)
Happy 4 months Ruby!  


Godsgalnj said...

She is sooo very cutee!! I love her eyes! =D and her headband :)

Very exciting that she's getting dedicated on Sunday :) May many blessings come your way =)

Becky said...

Adorable! Hard to believe that she is already 4 months old! I think that it is funny and clever how Noah incorporates ways to entertain and help Ruby by doing things that benefit him---like getting to burp over and over to make her laugh, and now picking up toys so that he doesn't have to SIT and eat. hahaha!

Andy's Bethy said...

Those are wonderful pictures - edited and everything. Have you been playing on the computer or someone else?
She, of course, is adorable. I LOVE the headband. I love that she ate the 4 month heart. Somehow, that is just priceless. Don't know why I am loving that so much tonight!
Can't wait to hear her sing again!