Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ruby Ruby Ruby

Big news! Ruby pooped in the potty tonight! *yay*

Um.  No.

She actually started out by pooping in the bathtub.

Rewind:  Corey usually has bath duty while I clean up after dinner every night. It's a great arrangement since she is usually ready to go straight into the bath after she eats dinner.  Well, tonight Corey had band practice, so I put the kids to work finishing up the kitchen and table while I put her in the bath.  

Before I knew it, she had started pooping in the bath.  So I GRAB her out and put her on the toilet to avoid more mess.

*maniacal laugh*   *ma-ni-a-cal laugh*

She surprisingly pooped a little in the potty! I held her up there a bit longer for good measure then said yay and all that good stuff, cleaned her up, and got her down.  

I then turn around to start cleaning out the bathtub. I'm using some TP to grab the poop from the bath and put it in the potty.  So she brings me some fresh TP and throws it in there too. Thanks Roo!

Split second later she's handing me poopy toilet paper that she so lovingly retrieved from the potty!

YAY. (no exclamation point)

Cleaned her off, CLOSED the lid this time and turn around to commence the cleaning.  Well...whaddya know, she decides to squat in the floor and yep...the word of the night.  Poop.

Clean that up. Clean her up.  Throw her in the tub for the fastest bath ever as she actually starts grunting AGAIN!

Get her out, towel her up in my lap, and .......

She pees.  I know this because I can feel it through the towel.

Wow.  Babies need diapers? I didn't know!

And just for fun I'll share the facebook status I posted about 30 minutes before this fiasco began:

Baked chicken, peas, carrots, diced apple, cheddar cheese, veggie pasta with Italian dressing and Parmesan cheese, and blueberries. Not the offerings at the local buffet but what ruby had for dinner.

Hip Hip Hooray!

She then proceeded to climb on a 24 pack of water, squat, take everything out of the snack basket, and bring me an oatmeal bar to open for her to eat. I know this because I understand baby grunt language.  Well, sometimes.


Godsgalnj said...

I loooved reading the little updates, rofl. What a night! hahahha. Oh Ruby!

Karen said...

This is hilarious!! Oh, the joys of motherhood! Never a dull moment....

Andy's Bethy said...

I love this story! What a girl.