Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back to School!

 It's Back to School Time!  I have been planning and replanning like crazy over the past week, getting everything ready to start school.  We usually start in July, but we were NOT ready this summer! So, we are starting on Monday.  Here's what we are using this year.....

For our Bible time we will continue to use this book that was part of our curriculum last year.  We didn't finish the book so we will still work on it this year.  I have also found some character education activities and we will focus on a different trait each week.

We needed something different for Language and I've heard great things about this curriculum.  I like what I've seen so far.  Katie will be diagramming sentences *extensively* which I hope will give her a really solid understanding of parts of speech and every part of a sentence.

We are continuing with Math-U-See.  They will actually both be in Gamma for the first nine weeks, then Katie will move on to Delta and all things division.

We got the most supplies from Sonlight this year.  We are continuing with Introduction to World History with part 2 (Rome-present I believe).  I also chose Sonlight for their Reading curriculum.  They will be reading a lot of novels.  I also plan to have them do some bigger projects with their reading this year.

For writing, I printed off the Common Core Standards for 3rd and 4th grades.  I am creating my own lesson plans to go along with teaching the different writing styles and will just work with them on learning what is listed in the Common Core.  I am also using this website to get ideas for lessons and for rubrics to use in evaluating their writing.

Also, they will be taking Science classes at Education PlayStation as they have the past few years.  It is a wonderful place and I am very thankful that we have access to such a loving environment for them to learn and enjoy science with their friends.

New: above and below.  Spelling will be "Sequential Spelling" and vocabulary will be "Wordly Wise."  Both get great reviews and with my planning I've done so far I think Sequential Spelling will be a good change, just mix things up from our usual spelling we've done before.  My books from Wordly Wise are on order and I should get them soon.

Handwriting.  We are only going to do two days of actual handwriting per week this year, but they love cursive and I don't want to abandon it completely.  Copywork is good for the brain. It will be part of a first of the day routine where they will rotate out between brain teasers/logic puzzles, handwriting, and test practice.

I am excited for school to start! We need something predictable around here. :)

I am thankful and blessed to be homeschooling.  We are definitely in for an adventure with a toddler in the mix.  One thing I have left to do is to set up desk work areas in two of the bedrooms so that they have somewhere to go work privately when Ruby is awake.  I think that would be very helpful!

I will post pictures of their first day on Monday.


Godsgalnj said...

I remember sentence diagramming!! She'll have fun with it, lol

Linda said...

You have a good looking line up for this school year! I noticed that you mentioned the copy work/penmanship/word game portion of your day. I love having my daughter work on her spelling through word games. I wanted to pass on Vocabulary and Spelling City, where you can input your own spelling words and produce word games, exercises, and penmanship pages. The site has certainly helped my daughter's spelling. Hope your heart is as full as your schedule looks. Happy Homeschooling!

Andy's Bethy said...

I am very eager to hear what you think about sequential spelling. I looked at it and was very tempted.
I need to get the name of the time-line book you have too. It is from sonlight, right?
We are using more text/workbooks this year. Canaan is doing okay with it. I am struggling with giving up my freedom. Zion hates every minute that he has to sit still. But, at this moment, Canaan is the one who really matters, and he is content.
Have fun!