Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I met with a few friends tonight, to start off a mini summer Bible study we decided to do together (see here). I have to admit I was a little deceitful with my intentions in doing the Bible study.  Of course, it's always good to be taking part in studying the Bible and learning more.  And I've been very lax about that recently with all our exciting life events we've been experiencing.

But, the Bible study is actually just a ruse.  A front.  A deceitful way of.....meeting up with friends!

I tricked these ladies into being involved in the next couple of months of my life, and now they can't escape!

See, the truth is, I've been terribly lacking of friends lately.  I cling to my long distance bff of course.  She's always there.  And my number one best friend is Corey, no doubt.  We enjoy spending time together always, which is a separate blessing altogether!  As I've led different small groups in the past, the dynamic is different.  It's difficult for me as a group leader to become really close with anyone while I'm coordinating and planning things. Always worried about moving things along and covering the material.

So, I decided that I could really use some support right now.  I don't want to lead anyone or make decisions.  I don't want to rack my brain to think of the appropriate responses.  I just want some friends.  And some support. A place to be honest and transparent and ugly.

When I saw the Living Proof Summer Bible Study, I wasn't really that excited about the title.  But I was very excited about getting together and absorbing some inspiration and encouragement from others.  My personality isn't one that allows me to get close to people easily.  I have to make myself do it . And I NEED to do it so that I have a larger network of friends and supporters for times like these that I find myself in lately.  Our life is very challenging right now.  You name it, and it's happened to us since last summer, just about.  It's going to make a great story someday, but definitely not right now.  Not yet.

And in the meantime, I need some friendly, non-judgmental, Christian friends by my side.
We met tonight, and I am so very thankful.
As always, God has brought together the perfect assortment of women, who need each other right now.
I carefully considered who to ask, who I thought would be looking for something similar, and those who I knew would be uplifting, and friendly, and whom I could count on to take a Biblical perspective in sharing and encouraging one another .  And I am so very truly thankful for what I believe to be the beginning of a *fruitful* summer.

I am sure I will be surprised at how the actual Bible study ends up transforming us all.  Oh! The Bible study...that ruse I used to get us all together, ha ha.  I'm sure God has a wonderful plan of it being just what we all need!

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Andy's Bethy said...

Fabulous! I can't wait to hear more.
One moment at a time, as always. Love you!