Thursday, September 19, 2013


I hit the twenty pound mark today! It is two days until I reach the two month mark, and I am SO VERY happy!  This has not been an easy task, but it hasn't been impossible or TERRIBLY difficult either.  Like any change, especially one that involves comfort and enjoyment being denied on a regular basis, it has taken an extreme amount of discipline and dedication.

After the 15 pound mark I have been quite a bit easier on myself.  Using my calorie allotment for a treat every once in a while, instead of always eating the extremely low fat and healthy options.  But, I will allow that because I really do enjoy my treats, and being used to having them sparingly makes them taste all the better!

Honestly, this past week has been rough.  I was very discouraged.  And even as of two days ago, the scale had been inching upward a pound or two.  I was very very sad and didn't let myself weigh for a day. (Yes, I've been weighing every day because it has almost always been creeping down at least a little every day, and maybe just up a teeny bit every once in a while)  The night before last I ate almost an entire bag of Terra chips.  Followed by extra portions of my Fiber One bars. Yesterday, for lunch, I decided I was going to eat what I wanted.  I made a delicious creamy pasta dish that I LOVE and didn't measure out the portion.  And I made homemade yeast rolls to go with it.  I could not have been more shocked when I got on the scale yesterday afternoon and had gone back down to past my 20 pound mark!  Maybe my body was needing some carbs? Who knows?! I don't care!

Today I am celebrating my baking up some butterscotch pecan blondies.  They've been calling my name ever since I saw them in my Food Network Magazine at the beginning of last week.  They are baking now and I can't wait to indulge a little while celebrating this milestone!

I've got ten more pounds to go till I reach what I had originally thought would be my end goal weight.  I guess I will just have to wait to see how I feel when I reach that mark. :)

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