Monday, August 4, 2014

First Day of School 2014

We started our 8th year of homeschooling today! I took some photos, but it is a big pain to rearrange them here so these are in NO particular order.

Katie begins 6th grade this year.  I like to print out these fun workpages for them to do first thing to start out the year.  I should've been keeping them each year in a folder all together, but they are just in with our end of the year box each time. Oh well.

Here  is Katie's page.

And Noah working on his "newspaper" page.

The table was all set last night, with first day of school double wall tumblers for Katie and Noah in an attempt to make it easier to stay well hydrated.

Ruby will be much easier this year...than last year anyway. She was having some fun with Noah in between things today.

Here is Noah's page.  He didn't draw himself.  It's actually a box for a photo.

Everyone busy on their pages.  Ruby wanted to get measured too, so I printed one for her as well.

Up close of Katie's cup.

This was after the "first day" photo you will see later.  She is into this whole posing thing right now.

Noah's other first day activity.  SO all boy.

Tracing a map.

Up close of Noah's cup.

Ruby and I played a lot today while Katie and Noah worked on their assignments.

Katie's newspaper page.

Ruby and I did work on her "All About Ruby" book that she's supposed to be taking for her first day of her 3 yr old program.  This is a page she was supposed to fill with her favorite colors.

Ruby's new cup and sticker book.

Okay, so at first I asked them if they wanted to get dressed for a first day of school photo.  They, of course, said no.  So I said come on then we are taking a photo.  This is what I got.

Ruby's page.

I am in love with these cups, can you tell? 

We had a good first day.  I am already feeling tired from getting going pretty early.  Can't wait for coffee season! haha!


Karen said...

Thanks for taking the time to post this...I really enjoyed the pictures and the peek into this school year!

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