Friday, August 31, 2007

It's That Time of Year Again....

Time to get ready for the fall and winter holidays! No, I'm not talking about putting away a few extra dollars for those obligatory gifts for relatives you only see for Christmas. I am also not talking about winterizing your car or getting out the pumpkin carving supplies or the wreath for the door.
I am talking about preparing your body for the holiday eating season.
I have already started.
I plan to loose 10-15 pounds before Thankgiving.
And its not so that I can fit into a new pair of pants or a cute holiday outfit.
It is so that I don't come out in January even MORE out of shape than I am now. I can't afford that, so the best thing I can do is prepare for my inevitable holiday weight gain now.
There's no way I am going to cancel my Thanksgiving serving of turkey, sweet potatoes, rolls, pie, and cake. No way I am going to "not do" all that baking I do every year for Christmas. Don't even think about asking me to NOT dip everything in my cabinets in chocolate for gift giving and holiday enjoyment.
I will just prepare myself now. I KNOW it is coming, so the least I can do it get ready for it.
Come on fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas.
Everyone one should be as studious as I, as cunning and just plain out honest!
Why make yourself miserable later? Why turn down all those treats, giving yourself a microscopic serving of "turkey, oh no not ham for me" or a tiny little scoop of that deliciously sweet potato casserole? And avoid all those feelings of guilt when you didn't turn down another slice of pecan pie or coconut cake. I won't be feeling bad when I lick the bowl of leftover melted chocolate after dipping 100 peanut butter balls.
Because I lost 15 pounds just to be ready for such an occassion as this!
Let the holiday preparation diet begin!


Corey said...

My lady likes to eat! So does our daughter. If you combine all three of us, you have a super Voltron-type eating machine terrorizing buffet lines and family get togethers nation wide...

Sandra said...

Thanks for that one, Carrie. I just lost 10-15 punds so I can now not worry about the coming feasts! This is the first time I've ever visited someone's blog!