Monday, August 27, 2007

My first blog!

Welcome to my blog! Woo hoo! I have a blog through a homeschooling website, but I thought maybe I would give the "outside world" a chance to read my wondersome and frightfully entertaining thoughts, ponderings, and musings. You will want to check back at LEAST every other day because your life will surely be enhanced by your visits to my blog! I guarantee that you will experience such delight and amusement upon each visit that I will refund your price of admission 4 fold each time you are dissapointed! You can't get an offer like that on anyone else's blog, for sure. I always have something I can say about pretty much anything, so comment away and let the fun begin! Check back soon for more greatness in blogging!


andysbethy said...

I am excited about the fun and entertainment and will be prepared to demand my price of admission be returned if you do not post at least once a week! It totally is therapy to blog, and I love to read other people's thoughts. Fun fun!

boxingchris said...

You're a riot! I can't wait to read what goes on in that head of yours!