Friday, November 30, 2007

Just when I think I've run out of things to blog.....

So I will just get right to the story here. ?!?! The "?!?!?" are here to represent my emotions during the entire fiasco that can be described in no other terms.

Noah comes in to the living room while I am talking on the phone and says "Katie pooped a domino!"
"Katie is sitting on the potty and she pooped on a domino!"
?! okay just a little bit more sense in that statement.?!
Going into the bathroom.'
Katie is standing up from the potty and Noah points and says "See?"
Sure enough, there is a Diego domino IN the toilet.
What would be the next logical question of course..."Who put the domino in the potty?!"
They both point to each other. "She did" "He did"
WHO put the domino in the toilet ? I REPEAT.
"We both did."

Next question: "WHY did you put a domino in the toilet?"

Noah: "We were playing hide and seek dominoes" *matter of factly spoken*


Noah's reponse: "I guess we have to flush it now"
NO! We have to get it out!" I say.

Noah: "You have to get your toilet scooper."

?WHAT!?!?! No clue what that means, just move on...

Fishing the domino out of the the great cheers of Noah who I suppose thinks it is an awesome day when you get to put your hand in the toilet.

For the record, there was no poop, just a domino.


andysbethy said...

What will they think of next? The adventures in parenthood are never ending, huh? At least she didn't really poop it out. That would have had to hurt~

Corey said...

This is awesome!

The (Almost) Amazing Mommarino said...

Hilarious! As long as the kids are little, you'll have blog material!