Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Adventures in Cloth Diapering!

Back way before we got pregnant (this time around), I was introduced to cloth diapering.  Modern cloth diapering that is, ha!  With everyone trying to be more green, it has become quite "in fashion" to use reusable diapers.  I started researching all the options. mostly from an economical standpoint, not necessarily to be green.  Cloth diapers range from the very basic kind, (like we are using) to very chic and "upscale" custom made with fashionable prints, patterns, and all in one designs.  Googling cloth diapers can be completely overwhelming.  In deciding which route to take, we almost went the route of a pocket diaper, but fortunately I have a friend and neighbor who tried it first.  She gave me her spin on it and I decided to go with what she ended up liking best.  The good old fashioned prefold/cover!

This is our basket of diapers.  To the right, a stack of Econobum brand prefold, flat diapers.
To the left, the Econobum covers.
We got a great deal..buy one diaper with cover set and get one free.  I bought 12 and my mom bought 12 for us for a gift, so we have a complete set of 24 diapers.  More than we go through in 1-2 days. The entire stash, with tax and shipping, is about $140 worth.
Here's how they work.....

 First fold the diaper over itself.  These fold the short way for younger babies and later will fold the long way when she gets bigger.

Lay the folded diaper in the cover like so......

Place the diaper under the baby and just fasten the snaps to the right size.  These diapers and covers, when unsnapped all the way, should fit her through her entire life of diapering.

 It took one poopy diaper for us to figure out the right way to make sure it is tight around her thighs. lol.

Yes, they are bulkier than a disposable diaper. But she doesn't seem to mind.

And it doesn't keep her from fitting in her regular sized clothes! :)

Fluffy butt!

They fit great.  They are extremely easy to clean!
We wash about every other day. Just toss them in a bin on top of the dryer and when we get about 6-8, we run a load.  It hasn't been extra work at all.
They are easy to put on, and the biggest advantage: CHEAP!
We have been using them for about 2 weeks now.  
We will break even on what we spent on them in about 1 1/2-2 months.  
 Then after that....we are saving ourselves about $20/week on diapers!
And...I can't believe I'm about to even type this, but...
I am about to make the plunge into cloth wipes as well.  Here's why:
It's VERY inconvenient to use a wipe and have to go throw it away instead of just wrapping it up in the diaper!  I have to go to the trash can and dispose of it and in the mean time it is just lying around on the blanket or wherever I am since I can't just throw it in with the diaper. So, for that reason alone, I think I am about to make my own or purchase some material to use to make cloth wipes.  
I can't believe how green we've become, but I can't take too much pride in that because it's really just because I am cheap. :)


Jackie Koll said...

I thought about this with Nate (our second) but didn't want to deal with poop :-) Plus, we don't have hot water to our washer . .. at the time I thought there was NO water I have since learned that my husband could fix it but he just doesn't feel like it LOL If I have another one . . I might consider this route . . .but disposable are so easy! LOL

Godsgalnj said...

The extra effort looks to be worth it :) I've read many blogs of moms who're doing cloth diapering. Looks kind of difficult, but its great that it saves you all a lot of money!

And she is just SO adorable!!!

Andy's Bethy said...

I am so excited that it is working so well. I have to admit that I am jealous that you are getting to do it, when I so wanted to and ended up not. Of course, mine was mostly a pride thing - my desire to be completely green. Pride is ugly. There is nothing wrong with being frugal!
I am eager to hear how the wipe thing turns out.

Erin said...

We chose cloth diapers for the exact same reason - to save money! We also use mostly prefolds in covers, along with a few used diapers of other varieties that I picked up here and there to try out. And I use disposables when out and about... too lazy to carry around dirty cloth diapers when I have babies who poop 10 times a day for the first many, many months, ha ha. The cloth wipes we have are Kissaluvs brand... basically they are thin washcloths that are smooth on one side and have a more rough/terry cloth texture on the back. I have loved them; they have held up through five years of cloth diapering, with only two or three becoming threadbare! I have heard some people just use baby washcloths as cloth wipes. They are certainly super easy to just throw in the washer with the diapers!