Thursday, July 7, 2011


 Here we are...exactly ten years later!
Corey gave me this beautiful necklace at exactly midnight last night.  It was the first time I have every gotten a gift on the exact intended special day!   It is a tin cup necklace...commemorative of the ten year anniversary.
We went out as a family for dinner.  We had a nice meal and red velvet cupcakes for dessert.
I wanted to get some pictures of us on our actual anniversary so we stopped by Corey's parents' house on the way home so she could get a couple.  I am happy with them! Even though I am definitely still spotting the only 7 weeks postpartum

 Ruby decided to cry for a little bit, and then go 180 degrees into a very silly *laugh!*
It was hilarious...her extreme mood swing.... as you can see here:

She just started laughing last night.  And tonight she decided to do it again and it is so spontaneous that as you can see I was quite ridiculous lookingly entertained by it!
It was a sweet celebration.


Jessica @ Sunny Tuesday said...

This is SO cute! Your family is adorable and happy anniversary!

Karen said...

"Sweet" describes it perfectly!

Becky said...

What a special way to celebrate ten years: Ruby laughing! Looks like you all had a great time! Adorable!

Grandpa(Ronnie) said...

Priceless!..She is a happy child! blessed!

PJ said...

That is too sweet! There is nothing better than baby laughter:)Happy Anniversary!

Andy's Bethy said...

I love the necklace. You described it perfectly.
The idea of "mood swings" cracks me up. But that picture of her laughing is priceless. You are going to have to video her or something, because I HATE missing this. (and you look adorable, not ridiculous. You look like someone having a wonderful time!)

Great grand dad Carter said...

Love it.

Erin said...

Congrats on ten years!! That is wonderful! We have our ten year anniversary coming up in November and will also celebrate it with a baby about two months old. :)

Godsgalnj said...

Sweet pictures :)

Love love love the one of Ruby laughing :)