Friday, December 9, 2011

Right Now

I'm totally copying  this from a friend who posted this today.  I've maybe done a post like this once or twice.  What I WISH I was posting is pictures from my brother's wedding last weekend, but I have none. :(  It was beautiful and fun, and I hope to see some pictures soon!

So, here we go:
right now i am…

watching:  Noah put up his DS before bed.
eating: nothing at the moment, but about to dig into the cookie dough again.
drinking:  not enough water.  <--same as my friend.  
wearing: gray and yellow striped pajama pants, white socks, black nursing tank and nursing bra.
avoiding:  cleaning.  
feeling: happy that I stocked up BIG time at Aldi today.  Very productive day in the food department which reminds me I bought a hummus "quartet" sampler....maybe I'll try some of that too!
missing: Corey.  It's been way too  busy around here.  Between the wedding last weekend, his school work, and his practices for the church Christmas play, I've barely seen him at all lately! 
thankful:  for the full cupboard, my sweet healthy baby, my smart healthy children, and for Christmas fun!
weather:  45 is the high today.  TDC.  (too dang cold) <---same answer as my friend. She's my neighbor. :)
praying:  for a peaceful December.
needing:  to clean the house and get some homemade Christmas gifts started/made!
thinking: about the latest experiment in getting Ruby to stop waking up randomly in the night. Hope it works!
loving:  cooking (lately).

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Godsgalnj said...

Hope the hummus is good :) and that the busyness dies down soon! Happy December!