Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011: The Year of the Tornado

 Thanks to a couple of tornadoes in the area, we had our traditional Birthday Party for Jesus...sans electricity!
We had to put off the meal we had planned (hot dogs and french fries) and grab dinner out.  We debated what to do when we got home to the power still being out.  The estimated time it would be back on was 11am the next day.  So, we went out to the dollar store and stocked up on batteries and candles and went through with our plans.  The weather was mild...not too hot or cold.
 First we had a cupcake and sang  Happy Birthday 

 Ruby enjoyed the candlelight as well.
We switched the camera over to using the flash to get better pics, so just imagine the rest with the same look as those first few. ha ha.

 Then we finished our "What God Wants For Christmas" Nativity Set.

 Ruby checking herself out in box #7 (a mirror! ooops spoiler alert!)
 Our advent wreath...isn't it beautiful?  We did a mix n match wreath last year but this year we got a real one! :)
 Then they opened one gift.  New school mean pajamas! ha ha. We let them each pick a pair to wear to bed and this is what they picked.  They each had more Christmas-y ones, but oh well.
I also opened a gift, a new knife block set, and Corey opened a gift, two tees from
 Ruby's first gift ever.  She was SO excited when we put it in front of her.  Finally, all that being pulled away from the gifts was over! And.....she just wanted to bite it.
 Opening gifts by candlelight.  You have to imagine this like the first few pictures.  They really couldn't see anywhere except where the flashlights were shining.
 Christmas 2011! Ruby picked the right pjs!

 The power came back on earlier than expected at 6am, so when I got up with Ruby we came to rearrange the gifts for the next morning.  She got a little sneak peak/taste of the family gift.
 YAY! Katie finally got up so Noah could come open gifts!
 Noah's "want" gift: a remote control motorcycle.

 Katie's "want" gift: a new doll and canopy bed for the doll.
 breakfast! bacon, eggs, pancakes.
 A little gift from Katie to keep Ruby busy at the table.  It was a math mitten.
 Opening the family gift together...a Clearplay DVD player.
 "Santa" brought a stocking full of many yummy things for Ruby.
 Ruby's "want" gift: a ball popper.  
 Santa found many a great value on Amazon this year!
Doll accessories and furniture, video games, and LEGOS!

We had a very memorable start to the Christmas season this year.  Now to find somewhere to put it all! :)


Karen said...

Great pictures! And such an adventure with no electricity...the kids looked like they loved it all!

Godsgalnj said...

Enjoyed these pictures :) And I hope that it does become a tradition - it looks really peaceful, homey, and really nice :) Your kids are so super cute!! :)

Jessica @ Sunny Tuesday said...

Looks like much fun was had! And, holy cow, those are the biggest stockings I've ever seen!!

Andy's Bethy said...

I wish we had been able to come over and see your house all decorated when we were "home". That trip really was insane. I have started the countdown for our next visit and having some time to actually get to play. Although my time is already getting "planned" for me... so we need to talk ASAP!
I love the pics, especially the expression on their faces when they first wake up and see the stockings. That really is always the greatest moment - their excitement!