Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy New Year!

At least it's still January!  It has been quite a busy post holiday month around here.  Well...busy and not.
Here are Katie and Noah showing off their finger-staches.

And Noah and Ruby playing at the new coffee table on the new rug! (Christmas gifts!)

 Ruby has a love/hate relationship with food right now.  She got in the habit of eating a LOT of it! So much that she cut down on nursing and had terrible tummy problems for a while! We finally realized that the baby food she was loving actually had CREAM in it! UGH.  Why would they even do that?! So...we are starting over.
 We went to the park on one of the many unusually WARM days we've had lately. Ruby absolutely loved the swing!

 She is pulling up on EVERYTHING now and has stood by herself a couple of times for a few seconds at a time.  Her 8 month birthday passed on Friday.  We missed the 7 month one with pictures so we decided to just do the 9 and 12 month now.  She is babbling CONSTANTLY.  Crawling everywhere like a pro. She is the sweetest thing! Even when she is sick!
 Katie brought her in their room to play.  I think Katie enjoys having a real baby to play house with. :)

 We celebrated my parents' birthdays last weekend.  
Noah has been playing basketball.  But I have no other pictures of either of those things. :(

The biggest event around here has been the sicknesses.  Noah started out with a cold, then it got better, then it got worse, then he ended up with pink eye as well.  So he has finally been on medication for that since Thursday.  Ruby also had a cold.  She was sleeping miserably.  So, after we had tried ALL our home remedies, and after Noah ended up on an antibiotic, we decided it was time to take her in. She also got an antibiotic but the night after the doctor (a Friday night of course) she ALSO came down with pink eye.  We made it through the weekend, then she finally got drops for that yesterday.
Last night we had our best night's sleep yet.  She slept two really long periods with only one tiny coughing fit.
ALSO, she has not had her reflux medication the entire time she has been sick.  AND I have added dairy back to my diet! So, all seems to be looking up now!

Here's a picture of her from this morning.  She was sleeping so sweetly and soundly.
And in all of this, Katie has not been sick at all! She has developed a cough the past two days, but it is really nothing.  I am so thankful that she didn't get sick.  Because, oh yeah...I forgot to mention..in the midst of everyone being sick and not sleeping?  I was ALSO sick with a cough/cold. And Corey was feeling worse with it this morning.  But the saying is true...I would much rather the two of us be sick than the kids!

We have signed back up for e-mealz because I got a really good groupon ($29 for a full year!) and we are loving the ease of having a meal plan again!

Corey is doing fantastic with his school work, even though it is much harder this semester.
We are slowly but surely making our way through the school year.  I am predicting we will NOT be finished in April like last year, HA.

But, really...life is good.  We are blessed.


Godsgalnj said...

Wow!! Ruby has definitely grown! She's really really cute :) And I love that picture of Katie holding her :)

I'm sorry to hear about all the sickyness. I hope all of it goes away soon!

Andy's Bethy said...

Keep the pictures coming! Be sure to get the video ready too. That little one is ready to surprise us I think. She is going to be even more "on the move" really soon!