Thursday, April 5, 2012

Photo Bomb!

Well, since it's EASTER weekend, maybe I should unload some of the MANY photos I have on my phone right now.  Many of them are from our LAST MINUTE February trip as well....since we were outnumbered 3 to 2, we didn't even attempt to take a camera, ha ha.  We only have phone pictures.

 This is not a very good picture, but it's a photo of the photo strip from the photo booth from my brother's wedding. ha ha.

 Ruby at the doctor for her checkup on Dec 5th

 Asleep in the chair at some point after Christmas.

 MESSY face!


 Here starts the trip pictures.  We found an awesome hotel room for a very affordable rate.  This was the kids' nook, a full/twin bunk combo.  They had their own tv and best of all FREE BREAKFAST BUFFET!
Our first day was at Legoland.  We got free kids' tickets!
They had so many rides! Katie loved this one on horses.
 Noah rode in just about every seat on this bouncing up and down ride, while Katie and Corey went on another inside Egyptian themed ride.
 Of course there were lego statues everywhere!

 Lego Safari animals!

 Katie chose to get her face painted as her souvenir.
 "boating school"

 Ruby loved just being a "watcher."
 Rescue Training.   Noah was in that police truck also.  They had to do a lever thing up and down to make the vehicle move, then get out, spray out a fire, then go back. It was a race with the other people.

 Outside the driving school...yep that car is made of legos!
 Katie getting her driver's license at the driving school.  I thought I had uploaded the one of Noah too!
 The large outdoor arena waterski show.  THOSE ARE GIANT MINIFIGURE GUYS!

 Part of minitown...they have MANY world famous cities reproduced in legos.  It was very cool!
Legoland was tons of fun!  We could have done even more but we definitely filled our day and it was worth our time!
Next day was Islands of Adventure.
Katie did NOT enjoy this ride...haha..

 Superhero spotting! The green screen was something cool that you could buy a photo of later. ha.

 We watched a "hatching" of a dinosaur in the Jurassic Park area and Katie got to name it and bring home the birth certificate. :)
 In Seuss Landing.  All my THINGS!
Ruby got to ride the Cat in the Hat ride.  It was a little rough though.

 The lighting is awful in this pic, but there's Corey standing in the Harry Potter area.  I can't think of the name of the town right this minute.  The Harry Potter ride was definitely the highlight of the trip and I finally got on it myself after Noah actually liked it. ha.  AND since Spiderman (ride) was closed!
 Katie picked out an oyster and cracked it open to find a pearl! It was made into a little charm for a necklace.

 SPONGEBOB! I think this is the only picture I have from Universal Studios! We saw him first thing that day!
 We tried to have pool time, but it was slightly cool.

 Back to the random photos.

 Into the box, out of the box...

 Building the Great Wall of China.
 Happy St. Patrick's Day!

 Easter Egg Hunting!

And silly phone face!
Ruby also got her first tooth last week!


Karen said...

I love these pics! So glad I finally got to see the ones from the trip!

Godsgalnj said...

Ruby is ADORABLE! Love love her eyes :) Love the Thing shirts :) So cool! Looks like everyone had an awesome time :) Hope you all have a lovely month of April!

Andy's Bethy said...

You know, you can text pictures of other things then Ruby... Not that I"m complaining about those pictures! I would gladly accept a new one of her every day. But I would have loved to see a few of the trip while it was happening too!
Still, glad to see them now. I def. want to take the boys there. Thanks for a preview.