Thursday, April 5, 2012

MORE Photos!

 Do not underestimate the amount of pain and suffering that went into getting these photos from Corey's phone, to his computer, to my computer, to this blog post.
His pictures are way better. :)
 I do not know why we have this picture.
 This is "The Dragon" roller coaster.  Katie and I rode it after Corey and Noah did.  She did not like it.  It is cute though, it has indoor lego scenes of various castle stuff and then you go out to the coaster part.

 Katie and I at boating school!
 GIANT Albert Einstein made of....guess!
 Noah at driving school.

 Various lego statues

 More miniland USA

 Um.,..Noah with...someone

 Have you noticed how NOT crowded it is in most of our photos.  THIS is where EVERYONE was! Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

 This fish ride was super fun!
 Late lunch at the 3 broomsticks.  Katie and Corey enjoying their "butterbeer."  It wasn't very good really...VERY sweet, like a melted butterscotch candy.


 We didn't take many photos at Universal Studios, but this was super cute!  A minion from Despicable Me!

Ruby didn't really enjoy the characters.  She almost cried at Diego and Dora. ha ha.
So there you go...the REST of the photos.  
Be sure to look at the post before this one for more photos.


Corey said...

The picture of the Dragon that you do not get is you and Katie coming out of the castle. You are the fist car after the trees.

Karen said...

I enjoyed these, too...they are much easier to see on your blog than on his phone!

Godsgalnj said...

Driving School! O.O lol
Boating school looks like SO much fun!

Noah is a cutie!! Love his pose in that pic next to "um... someone." lol :)

Ruby will soon LOVE Dora, I'm almost sure lol.

Andy's Bethy said...

Make them bigger! I am a huge fan of HUGE photos (if you can't tell from my blog...)
Love you!

heathcliff said...

um...someone is DOCTOR DOOM!!!

During my trip to Universal Studios last year, the park was mostly empty everywhere but the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Butter beer tastes great.