Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Life: randomness

Sometimes I can't think of a title for my posts!

So, life is crazy.  This past week I almost enrolled in a Master's Degree program through Liberty University.  But then I thought better of it.  HA!

Seriously though, I have made the decision that *one day*, I will go further with my own education.  Pretty big thought since I never EVER considered it at all.  I think because I have a bachelor's degree in education and don't ever plan to go back to teaching in that capacity, I never even thought of more college as an option for me.  But, when I started considering the fact that a master's degree could be in any field whatsoever, I was really inspired!  The program that I actually applied to (yes, I got as far as actually applying!), is a master's degree in Human Services, Marriage and Family Counseling.  If I ever one day decided to "get a job" I could very honestly see myself doing something in that field.  I would love to counsel, give classes, do premarital counseling, etc, etc.  This would NOT be a clinical degree or end up with an actual therapy license.  That's WAY too much work, ha ha.  This would be a ministry/non-profit/service area of work.

I was really excited thinking about getting back into academics if it was in a field that was specific to my interest.  But, the timing is definitely not right for me to do this at the moment.  Toddler, homeschooling, husband full time student, money money money, etc. etc.  But one day, I look forward to pursuing this.  I like the idea of having something in mind for that *one day* when my current full-time job is finished.  I can retire to a casual part time career, HA.

In other news, my frugal shopping this week was a pretty big success.  I kept it right at $100 and stocked up on some non-perishables.  I was again blessed by the mark-down area.  Two things we really needed (some file folders for book studies and ink pens) were marked down super cheap!

Our church is doing *Humbug* this year for the Christmas musical.  It's an original adaptation of A Christmas Carol.  Corey is going to be Bob Cratchit, Noah is Tiny Tim, and Katie also has a line in the Christmas Past scene.  Corey and Noah actually have a short duet together during one of their scenes, and Katie gets bopped on the head by a caveman! It's going to be awesome I'm sure!

We are finishing up our first nine weeks of school this week and plan on taking three days next week as a fall break.  I can't believe it's already the middle of October! School is going very well, both kids are breezing right along.  I love doing book studies! They've done Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and just started The Borrowers this week.  The rest of the year is planned out also including A Christmas Carol (followed by a field trip performance to see the musical version in Atlanta) and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  We are enjoying CHAT, our co-op this year.  There will be a Night of the Stars (talent show), fall festival, and a Christmas craft fair coming up with that.

Last weekend we made a big pork picnic barbecue and I made homemade rolls to go with.  I am very excited to say that I finally had SUCCESS making a FLUFFY yeast roll.  I have a recipe that I've used recently that turns out pretty well, but they were always still a bit dense.  I googled  "How to make fluffy yeast rolls" and got some tips ha ha.  I read that temperature is everything.  So this time, I put out all the ingredients and let them get to room temperature before starting.  The eggs and yeast most importantly I believe.  I always keep my jar of yeast in the fridge.  And eggs of course are always cold.  When I went to add the flour, I had the foamiest yeast mixture I've ever had!  And another change I made was buying actual bread flour.  The rolls were SO YUMMY!!!!!! I had made them large like buns, but I plan to do them again as rolls!

Good news and bad news with weight loss progress.  The bad news is, I've pretty much stopped losing weight. The good news is, I'm not gaining any weight either.  Yet.  And there's plenty good reason, did you see that last paragraph about making homemade rolls? ha ha.  Between frugal cooking and trying homemade breads, it's been tough to stay under calorie or even at my calorie count the last couple of weeks. But at least I'm not gaining!  I really gotta get back motivated! I've got at least ten more pounds to go to reach my goal, my pre-babies weight! ;)

I guess there's not much else to say.  Life is just slipping on by.  I love fall!

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