Sunday, September 9, 2007

"Now let's just don't be silly," said the Mad Hatter.

This past weekend my husband and I traveled to Hahira, GA to help our friends move into their new home. Hahira is very near Valdosta. We left the kids to go camping with Nana and Poppa and headed off on our journey.

Traveling on the interstate is, in general, pretty boring. But, thanks to hotels and restaurants who put up ingenious billboards, we can have plenty to keep our minds busy...well...puzzled really.

Why is it that many hotels still advertise that they have cable tv and HBO? Do they really have to say that on their billboard? When is the last time anyone stayed in a hotel that didn't have the "luxury" of cable television? I know that billboard has been updated since then, so what in the world is up with that? Basically...I want to see a billboard that advertises "clean sheets and toilets" or "air conditioning works" or "real continental breakfast not just honey buns." I don't care one bit about what kind of tv service is available. I just want to sleep without bringing home a souvenier that keeps on giving if you know what I mean.

Another interesting billboard spotted was one for Burger King that boasted of their "drive-thru." Wow. We had been driving all night looking for some kind of fast food that had a drive thru, and we just weren't having any luck. I am SO glad they told us, now we can get some REAL on the road food in a real authentic drive thru facility.

Just plain craziness. But I guess they accomplished their goal since I am still talking about their billboards. I did not visit them. Well, the hotel we stayed in I am guessing had cable or HBO. I couldn't really say, I didn't turn on the tv.

By the way...if you are ever traveling interstate 75 south toward Florida..I know this really great place to has a DRIVE THRU!!!!


Corey said...

I kind of hate the fact that we missed the chance to eat at the drive thru... Maybe next time.

heathcliff said...

So that makes twice you've driven through Macon without stopping to see me.

Becky said...

I have thought the same thoughts when on the interstate. But, maybe we can drive down the interstate and try out that drive-thru! see....I finally signed up so that I can comment. I think that you might need to stop and see heathcliff.