Friday, September 21, 2007

Fitted Sheets

So...I finally caught up on my laundry, which means my sheets finally got washed! We always have a set of sheets that is last thing to get stays at the bottom of the basket because clean clothes for the kids, and underwear is a greater priority than the big bulky set of sheets. I really do not enjoy folding sheets. Especially fitted sheets. It is an absolute impossibility to get them looking even halfway decent. The sides just won't be flat, or neat, or it's like it wasn't even meant to be folded. Maybe I am just not gifted in the folding arts...maybe I am just too short and my arms don't spread far enough...I don't know what it is, but they always end up being rolled up into a mass of mess. I guess it just doesn't bother me. I imagine my friend Bethany wants to get in her car and come right away to help me with my disability. I am sure the vision of a mess of sheets falling off the shelf in the linen closet is driving her batty. If it wasn't before, then it is now! lol. No one sees our sheets anyway. I guess if I died and someone had to go through my closet and see my poor sheets, I would hope they would be so sad about my being gone that they would just have pity. "Carrie never could fold hoo hoo!" ha ha. Another thing I hate to fold: kid's underwear. It's just too little! Kind of pointless really. What do you find little joy in folding?


andysbethy said...

First of all I must admit that I cannot fold fitted sheets either. They drive me crazy. As often as possible I keep them folded. I just take sheets off, wash them, and put them straight back on the bed. The ones that are finally folded neatly just stay that way for as long as humanly possible. That is the only thing I dislike about having company. I don't mind cleaning the house to get ready, feeding them while they are here, and I love all the fun I have with company. But, when they leave I have to wash the sheets they slept on, and I hate that. So, if I invite you to spend the night at my house, it means I really love you.

Corey said...

I just kind of roll them up in a ball, stick them in the closet, slam the door and run away... Does that make me a bad laundry-er?

Becky said...

Before you say "oh no! I should have known Mama would have a comment on this" First let me say that AFTER Many Many years I happened upon an article that showed how to fold fitted sheets in an easy and neat manner.
Second: That doesn't mean that I LIKE to fold them. I am with andysbethy, I still just wash, dry, and put back on the bed! That is still the EASIEST way!!
In fact, the last overnight guest we had, I washed the sheets, and laid them out across the bed in the guest room,and shut the door. I just got around to actually putting them back on the bed a couple of weeks ago, and the guests were here in July!!!! Out of site out of mind I guess;-)