Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Noah!

We had a great weekend! We got to go to Nashville and visit Corey at a trade show and celebrate Noah's birthday while we were there!

Twice a year Corey attends the NAMM show (National Association of Music Merchants)....in January they have it in Anaheim and in the summer it has been several places. The first two years (when I couldn't go due to being pregnant/having newborns) it was in Nashville, then it moved to Indianapolis, IN and Austin, TX. So, we were so happy to find out it was being moved back to Nashville this year and we got to go up Sunday morning and spend the day hanging out at the show, seeing all the booths...musical instruments of all kinds, sheet music/books, audio equipment, accessories for musicians/instruments, just everything and anything musical was there. We saw some interesting things like the piano that would play on its own (not new) but it can be coordinated with a video computer thing...the kids loved watching a Tom and Jerry episode where Tom played the piano with Jerry inside and the piano actually played the song while the episode played...it was pretty cool. We got to meet Jean Larrivee, the man who invented/built the guitars that Corey sells. We didn't see any famous people, unless you count a guy named John Sebastian from The Lovin Spoonful. Ha ha, he was in the booth and none of us could think of any of their songs for a long time. I know my brother will be disappointed about that fact.

So when we got tired of being at the show (very overstimulating with all the noise going on) we went to the hotel to hang out and nap. Later, when Corey got back, we played in the pool for a while, but I didn't get any pictures.

Yesterday was Noah's FOURTH birthday! He wanted spiky hair so his do for the day was the faux-hawk...I thought it was so cute! We played in the pool again in the morning and then we went over to Opry Mills Mall and ate at Rainforest Cafe. We shopped for a while and played Glow Golf. Katie and Noah had never played "putt putt" before...it was an indoor glow in the dark black light place. They had a lot of fun. Ben and Kilie played with us too.
Noah had a fun birthday. It will continue this Friday night when we have his party at our house...he is having a "Hot wheels race car" birthday, to quote Noah.

Oh, one more thing...update on my "wishing and hoping" blog. Found out yesterday that Corey's dad, Poppa, has decided to bless our homeschool with the kidney table from our Amazon school wish list!!! YAY!!!!! I am so excited and getting the table will get me in the mood to get stuff ready for PEACE academy '08-'09!
Thanks so much!!!!

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andysbethy said...

Looks like he had a fun birthday weekend. I keep forgetting to tell my Mom that his present is in her basement. I will try to do that soon, and maybe she can bring it by, or you can drop by her house and get it. I got your message this morning, apologizing for not remembering to say Happy Anniversary yesterday and just laughed. I forget to say Happy Birthday to Noah too, so I think you are forgiven!