Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day...

As Noah put it yesterday evening at dinner: "So, today was a good day, huh?"

ha ha! Yes, it was!

We started the day by attending church....making a foam frame craft for a Father's Day gift, and enjoying the "Men love meat" breakfast! (everyone brought meat to go with biscuits!)
Then, it was off for a day of fun at the Imagine It Children's Museum in Atlanta.

We visited last year, bought a family membership bc it was so fun vowing to visit regularly...and well....our membership expires next month so we better be visiting at least two more times between now and July 21st! ha ha!

It was so fun. The theme they have right now is "Under the Big Top" so there were some Circus themed activities like the tumbling area, the fun mirrors and some other little things. The time that we went and got a membership the theme was Sesame Street and it was really cool! The Circus thing was okay...but Katie and Noah really just love the stuff they always have: the pretend farm, truck, grocery store, house, where they can "follow food" from the farm to the table. Also, the huge moon sand play area and the painting on the wall and the ball play areas are big hits. The ball area has all these tunnels, conveyor belts, cranes, etc where you can play with little plastic balls sending them through the different areas and dumping them out, etc. Sort of like the game "Mousetrap" maybe...that's the only way I can think to describe it to someone who hasn't seen it before. The also have an area with a green screen where the kids can dress up in themed clothes (circus stuff this time) and play in front of a green screen and see themselves on tv. Corey loved it too! They were fascinated by covering themselves with the green drape and being "invisible!" or, Corey's favorite: a floating head! We listened to a storytime presentation about Father's Day and overall had a really fun day. The place was practically empty, esp. the hour before they closed so it was great being able to let Katie and Noah just kind of have the place to themselves. Last time we went it was very it was really fun to be able to do everything over and over and over with no interference or long lines.
On the way home we ate at Sweet Tomatoes (YUM! Thanks Corey!) and as we were eating Noah summed it up as I said at the beginning.
It WAS a fun day....and I actually had my memory stick AND batteries in the camera so we can prove it!
Everyone at church is taking pictures of themselves in their Graceland tees wherever they hit the road this summer, so here is our contribution so far: Atlanta! ha ha! Corey thinks we should get a pic in front of the Adairsville sign! lol. I am the only one wearing my shirt...the kids shirts were in my bag and Corey had worn his the day before...we will do better next time when we go to Nashville to see Corey at his trade show.
Hope you had a great day yesterday too! Happy Father's Day to all the dads in our family:
Corey (daddy), Grandpa, Poppa, PawPaw, Grandaddy, PawPaw T, and Little Grandaddy.

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Kelly said...

Such cute pictures! I stole one for the newlsetter!!