Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Octagons and other news...

First of all....a note for those I had disussed this with at some point in the past couple of weeks....
According to: http://www.mathleague.com/help/geometry/polygons.htm#octagon
There are two different types of octagons: regular and irregular. As you would guess, a regular octagon is an eight sided shape in which all the sides and angles are equal. So, naturally, an irregular octagon is an eight sided shape in which the sides and angles are not equal.
Therefore.....Katie DID, in fact, cut the pictures for her scrapbook in the shape of octagons, though they would definitely have been labeled as IRREGULAR! ha ha. She loves the photo trimmer and is definitely not afraid to use it!

In other news: The FLOORS ARE FINISHED!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!
They look beautiful and gorgeous and feel so good under your barefeet after having been outside in the heat and humidity! We have even bumped our thermostat UP to 72 degrees since having the new floors (try not to faint Bethany! ha ha!)

I will take some pictures in the next couple of days and post a synopsis of the project....though I will warn you.....there aren't a ton from the actual process of putting the floors in because, in general, one takes photos of things they don't want to forget!

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andysbethy said...

Turned the thermostat UP? As in, it was even lower then that!??!!! Andy would love to come live with you guys!
I can't wait to see the finished floors. When are you coming down to see me?