Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Night Out

None of the pictures I tried to download would work tonight, so this will be a pictureless post. We went out tonight. We had discussed getting pizza takeout, but the kids had not been out of the house since we got home Saturday night, so going out sounded like fun, even in the below 30 degree weather.
Corey was wanting pizza, so we first headed to the local Pizza Hut Bistro, where we waited a full 6-8 minutes without seeing anyone come out of the back to seat anyone or wait on anyone in the dining room, so we left. We went to Johnny's New York Style Pizza instead. It was yummy. Then, we went to Target to do some shopping with Christmas money. Each of the kids ended up with about $90 of Christmas money that they had plenty of wish list items to spend on. Since I can't get any pictures to download, I will just link to each thing in my post.

Katie wanted to look at all the toys before making any choices, but Noah found a new Nerf gun he wanted pretty quickly. It has a bullet/dart loader thing that makes it shoot really fast. Katie ended up choosing baby Whoopsie Do. Yes, that is almost exactly like the doll she got a few years ago for Christmas. Yes, it has already peed in 4 diapers tonight.

Noah also chose to get a new DS game. Lego Indiana Jones 2. Katie wanted this and although we really try to let them choose their own things, especially when it is their money, we had to put our foot down on that one. $21 for a gimicky stuffed animal??? We think not. We convinced her that this would be a better choice and she was happy. It had been on her list for a while anyway and the other thing was just impulsive and silly because it made a kissing sound. Ha ha, I am going to make you click on the links to see what she got! :) Feeling silly.

I spent a lot of time looking around the clothing department. I got a Target gift card for Christmas and they had a lot of stuff on clearance. I got two shirts like this one, but one is a little different than this one and beige. I got the brown one that is just like that one I think. Plus, they were only $8 each in the store. We still hope to continue our plans of adding on to the family, so I have been looking for tops that would be good either way...transitional and versatile.

It ended up being a very late night. Especially since Katie and Noah both wanted to play with their toys a little when we got home. I have GOT to get our bedrooms all cleaned out and settled with all the new Christmas stuff. We need to start school back on Monday, and Corey will be taking his annual January trip soon. Busy times, though I have enjoyed the mandatory rest I have been on this weekend and this week so far. I think I will endure that a little longer before tackling all that stuff!


melanie said...

I'm glad you all got out and had a fun time! You all deserved it!

heathcliff said...

I saw a cheap, previously owned/used Lego Indiana Jones game at the Shorter Avenue Blockbuster.

I thought it would be a great gift for Noah but I had already bought Operation. Good to hear he bought it for himself, proving my uncle instincts are spot on.

Carrie said...

BUT, was it Indiana Jones 2? I thought that was a really new one, but maybe not.

heathcliff said...

As new as Beatles Rock Band

Karen said...

Sounds like a fun time after you left Pizza Hut....