Friday, May 21, 2010

Simple Joys Saturday

I've never been particularly great at sticking to weekly memes...but I like this one and will give it a try. For some reason it just appeals to me today. I heard about it from my mother in law's blog, and the main link for "Simple Joys Saturday" is here. Join in if you like!

My simple joys this week....

Playing board games with my kids. I happened to think last night, that one day when they are all grown up, they may "remember when" and think of all the nights we sat in the living room playing Disney Scene It, or Sequence for Kids. It is so fun now that they are old enough to actually read questions aloud to the grownups, ha ha. Time flies!

Cinnabon cinnamon rolls....Mmmmm..... brought me a very simple joy Wednesday after a particularly bad day. They...are.....soooooo.....delicious!!!!

And one more simple joy coming tonight: fresh clean sheets on the bed! I love it!


Karen said...

Great post! I love your list of simple joys....

Jan said...

Hello Carrie, lovely to meet you today, and share your Simple Joys too.
Yes, I love reading your list, can just imagine all these with you.
Hugs and Blessings - Jan

Laurie said...

Your simple joys are such blessings to read; I remember the frequent board game nights when our girls were growing up, and I will always love fresh clean sheets! I also love your mother-in-law's blog! So nice to meet you, Carrie.

Joyful said...

Great idea to play the board games. Now that I am old and long out of the house, it is those simple times of days gone by that I treasure and remember with my family.

Andy's Bethy said...

There are always fabulous things on Karen's blog.
We need to start a tradition of board games - Z needs to get a little older though I think.
Rather then Cinnabon, I would have to vote for Icecream. That is always my guilty pleasure!