Thursday, May 6, 2010


YAY! We did it! We pulled off a surprise party for Corey's 30th birthday!!!!
Although the entire plan for the party changed only TWO days before, it turned out to be PERFECT! He was VERY surprised! The family did a great job keeping it all a secret!

The cake, and some of the guests...

He opened many sweet cards, and funny gifts...including this one from lifelong friend, Andy...

I was very proud of the gift we got him as well...
Tickets for the Braves and Cubs...AT Wrigley Field!!!!
Yay, we're gonna speed up to Chicago in August for the game!
(and we have till then to figure out how to do it, lol!)
He received money and gift cards that will help!

When we had to change the party VERY last minute, we ended up switching from a Friday night party to tonight... and NO restaurants would take reservations for a large party on a Friday night....BUT it turned out to be perfect because Thursday night at El Nopal is.....

Mariachi Band Night! YAY!
Not only did he get the sombrero and song...he got a full band too! It was awesome!

They sounded so great! It was like we had planned it this way from the beginning....ha ha!

Of course, the kids had to try on the sombrero...

We left the band members and servers so they could clean up our table and not take much more of their time, but we gave them some cake for their trouble...
And went outside for pictures!

Corey and Memaw (we missed you Grandaddy!)

My parents getting practice standing with a 30 year old...
(I'll be there next year)

Corey with Memaw and Pawpaw

And the Birthday Boy with his own parents.... his mom's Mother's Day gift 30 years ago... the birth of her first child.

Our family

And, Corey with Andy...friends since kindergarten...and silly as ever for pictures. We were thrilled that it worked out so well for Andy to have to get away from Bethany for the weekend...(haha, click link for explanation) while she had a treatment done, and we missed her terribly, but it worked out GREAT for them to be able to make it up for the party! yay!

Katie with Kaidence

The kids, copying their dads with the silly picture


His other brother and sister in law were there too, but left before we got pictures with them.

And one final picture....taken at home later after the party during the after party visit with the Freeman crew.
If these two don't get married, we have to make a slide show anyway... we have too many cute ones to not show the world! ha ha!
Katie and Canaan...
I asked Katie if Canaan was back on her "love list" and she replied, "Canaan has always been on my love list!"
I am so thrilled that the party went well and that he was SURPRISED! We are so blessed with GREAT friends and family....such a blast!!!!

Corey will be at the beach on his actual birthday...May 11th, so I am happy we were able to celebrate with everyone before we go!


Andy's Bethy said...

I think we have pictures of the two of them kissing practically from the day Canaan was born! That one is fabulous!
Love the birthday pics, and the comment about Andy having to "get away from me". I am SOOO glad that keeping the secret is over. I know you were stressed out, and it was even making me stressed! Looks like you had fun.

Karen said...

It was great how everything finally came together so well...the expressions on his face were priceless! He will always be the very best Mother's Day gift ever!