Monday, May 3, 2010

Unexpected Surprise!

I came home to find cars and people in front of our house..... I wondered what was wrong until I saw this:

A tree had fallen from the neighbor's yard all the way across our driveway and onto the side of our porch!

The wind was really bad Sunday, so we are guessing that's what caused it.

The left railing on the porch was broken off. Yes, those are some chairs we had used one day to sit on the porch while the kids were playing... I would love some "real" porch chairs!

Here are two places in the siding that were damaged...
The insurance adjuster is supposed to be coming out tomorrow we'll see how it goes. We have a $500 deductible...not sure if it will cost more than that to fix it all or not. That limb did not go all the way through the outside of the house.

I am still surprised that a tree that skinny was able to completely break the side of the porch! I am also very thankful that Corey and I both drove to church that day. He leaves before me for band practice and sometime he and his brother ride together...I had told him that morning to be sure to drive because I had to leave immediately after church to get Katie home to eat before Girl Scouts. If his car had been sitting there it definitely would have gotten damaged too!


Andy's Bethy said...

Carrie Thompson!!! This was call worthy news. Why didn't you tell me this when we talked today? You are in such trouble girl!
I have to get the kids to bed, but then I am going to txt you and yell at you!
So glad it wasn't worse, and yes, I am surprised that a tree that skinny could break the porch. Good thing you drove separately to church! So glad that no one at the neighbors was hurt either.

Josh'sWif said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad noone was hurt! I hope everything works out getting it fixed!

Karen said...

Very thankful no one was hurt...stuff can be fixed....