Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nothing Much....

I haven't posted since the 15th?!? I can't believe it!
Well...there hasn't really been much to post in a while.  We've been fighting all kinds of sicknesses around here.  First pink eye, then colds, then another round of pink eye, and lastly I had the most horrible cough and sore throat EVER which caused severe sleep deprivation.  Thankfully that has finally passed and hopefully we are GOOD now!
I gotta get to working on my scripture memory more.  I have kind of gotten it down, but not totally.
We're breezing through our school days as well.  We're on week 25 out of 36 already! Only two more weeks in our third nine week session.  We will take the week of Valentine's Day off, then dive in for our last nine week semester!
Which will also bring us right up to time for little Ruby Faith to join us.  Our Bradley classes start on the 13th.  We have just 15 more weeks till her birthday.
Lots of countdowns going on.  And so much to accomplish in the meantime.  I am thankful for the ability and means to work on some things and for the chance to take a pre-baby getaway on Valentine's weekend. 
The baby blog has been getting more attention lately I suppose.  You can find me more over there these days.

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Jackie Koll said...

How exciting to have the big countdown going on :-)
I need to work more on my scripture memory also - I want to have my verses down backwards and forwards before starting the next one on the 1st!