Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shopping Spree!

 I got a few gift cards for Christmas and though I told myself I would hold onto them for a while, it just didn't happen, ha ha.  I really did need some things.  Like.......

 A great pair of maternity jeans! I had bought some from Target that were working fine, but they were a little too big.  These "secret belly fit" jeans are great!  The panel is tight and thin enough that there is no seam showing through your shirts!
 two new 3/4 length sleeve tees.  I want to pick up more of these.  3/4 length sleeves are pretty much year round clothes here in GA! ha ha.

 Yes, a spatula/turner.  We needed to stock up on some good coated cooking tools so we don't ruin our new pots and pans.  This one is stainless steal coated with silicone, so it won't scratch!  The reason I ordered it is because I had also picked out some nursing camisoles (only available online! clearance priced!) and I needed $10 more dollars to save $16 worth of shipping.  So there ya go, it was a perfect add on!

And today, I spent the last of my gift card on this:

A new straightening iron.  I have been putting off getting a new one for a while because I just couldn't bear the thought of how much $$$ they cost!  But...I did some research and this brand got great reviews. It's a Remington Damage Therapy Flat Iron. We don't have naturally curly hair, so we don't actually need a crazy expensive one I don't think.  This one was only $39.99 and it has teflon coated plates which is supposed to cut down on breaking/damaging hair, which is a problem I do have with doing mine and Katie's hair.  I hate when they pull my hair out!  It goes up to 440 degrees so it gets really hot for one in this price range!
I just tried it on Katie's hair really quickly and it seemed to work great with just one run through. The only other issue I had was that it would take more than one run through and going slow to work, and this one didn't.  I think it will be a great purchase!
So, my post Christmas shopping money is gone, but I am VERY happy with my purchases.  I got some things that I need now (maternity/nursing stuff) and some stuff to use in the long run! (spatula and straightener)

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Andy's Bethy said...

I remember hearing about all of these except the jeans. Don't know how I missed that. Looks like you did good with you post-Christmas shopping!