Friday, January 28, 2011

Staring Contests among Catz

Katie loves these kinds of games on her DS.  She has a baby sitting game, and two "taking care of pets" games.
Lately she has been playing this one a lot....where you take care of baby kittens and they grow up, etc.  You have to feed them, play with them, wash them, etc.  She absolutely LOVES it!
This morning I discovered that is has also been a good sex education tool as well.
It has been frustrating her because she kept having kittens and naming them, then they would turn out to be the opposite gender of the name she picked, because it would have kittens, etc.  ha ha.
Well...when the baby kittens are born, they just show the little gender symbol, with the plus or arrow beside them.  She finally put it all together this morning and said, "OH, the little arrow means its a boy and the plus means its a girl!!!!"  Isn't it fun when kids use their brains and experiences to put something together that you didn't teach them? ha.
Well, the best part is coming.....
Noah picks up the game while she is eating breakfast.  He says, "Look Katie, they are having a staring contest!"
Katie jumps up from the table and runs over to him and says, "OH that means they are about to have kittens!!!!!!"
I about died laughing.
Staring contest = kittens.
Yeah, we'll go with that for now.

(The game just shows two cats staring at each other, hearts come up between them, then it says, "King and Princess just had a kitten, you can name it now", nothing major, I just thought it was funny that they have dubbed it a staring contest)