Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Scripture, etc.

I haven't updated my scripture memory in a while because I am STUCK on this passage!  I don't know why it is so difficult, but the phrasing keeps getting me confused.  So, I'm still working on the one from the second half of January.  Since it is three verses perhaps I'll console myself with the fact that it will just take me three halves of a month to get it, ha ha.  But, that would mean I gotta have it down in....six more days. (edited: I just went to change my sidebar and realized it's already been 3 halves of a month.  Oh well)  Maybe I'll try teaching it to the kids, that usually helps me learn something.  They are pretty quick at memorizing.
Speaking of's only six more days until it has been an entire month of no updating on this blog.  I've been updating the baby blog weekly though.
We're plugging along in finishing up our school year.
We are making next to NO progress on any house projects in preparation for Ruby.  I am simply and completely lacking motivation.  I guess I feel like I don't want it to get done too early, HA! Then it will have a chance to get messed up again.
Here's what we need to get done:

1. Laundry closet cleaned out, upper shelf organized for linens/sheets.
2. Hallway closet cleaned out, reorganized for board games and school supplies instead of linens.
3. Kids toys moved into their new room, organized on shelves.
4. Noah's clothes moved into Katie's closet with new closet organizer rods in place.
5. "Playroom" reorganized into baby storage space with extra bed set up.
6. Our closet cleaned out and reorganized.
7. Our bedroom completely cleaned out and readied for painting.
8. Paint our bedroom and bathroom.

Hmmm....doesn't seem like quite as much with it only being 8 things.  BUT, so many of those things involve cleaning "out" and "organizing" which involves a whole lot of dragging out of huge messes and stuff.  Time consuming.
OH, and our neighborhood is having a yard sale April 9th, so I want to be ready for that also.  We basically just need to pull out some stuff from the basement and throw it on the driveway, ha ha.
Not to mention that there are a few to do things on my personal list, like pack my bag for the hospital, order the supplies I want for post-partum, make an Ipod playlist for labor on Corey's Ipod, and also pack bags for the kids for their time away from home when Ruby is born. much to do!  And only 8-10 more weeks to do it!  Actually, we need to be ready in about 7 weeks just in case.

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Andy's Bethy said...

Sounds like we need to have our next Thursday playdate at your house. I LOVE to clear out, and you know it. Let's get it done!