Thursday, October 20, 2011

5 Months!

Five month old girl.  Photo session.
Background compliments of Memaw and Grandaddy. :)
Headband made by a friend, at Mandamades.

We'll start with a little action....
She sees something that makes her smile.

See the look of determination....of happiness?

I must have it!!!!!

It makes such happy noises!!!!!



This dog belonged to Katie and Noah also.

The five month picture with Katie and Noah

And the rest of the photos.

And the discovery of the 5 month heart made by Katie.

Hmmm...done with posing?

Ruby is, as you can see, sitting up pretty well.  The boppy pillow is underneath.
I gave her the new nickname of "Nosey Rosy" because she is just IN TO everything that she can get her hands on.  As much as a non crawler can be.  She is scooting herself all around on the floor now.  Doing the inchworm and loving it.  She tried some avocado two nights ago and didn't hate it. :)
She is still sleeping well, with the exception of the past couple of nights when she has been fighting a little bit of a cold.  But she is already getting over it and took a really good nap today.
We think she has outgrown the screaming in the car seat at night.  I took her to church by myself week before last night and she did fine! Whew!
She absolutely loves toys and music and being talked to, and pretty much everything!
 She is a very happy baby, full of joy and a blessing to us all!


Godsgalnj said...

her eyes!! SO adorable!! :) Happy 5 months Ruby!!

Karen said...

These pictures are so good! Thanks for sharing these special milestones this way!