Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Phone Dump

 Going through pictures on my phone so I decided to share a few.  This top one is from this morning. Such a happy girl!

 I had to take this picture in the bath the other night.  I think it was Wednesday.  Her mullet is outta control!

 Doing so well at sitting up!!!! For a couple of minutes at a time.

We took this picture in the car at Rock City.  She was waiting to be fed before we went in.

 We visited Mawmaw last week.  It was a great visit!

 LIFE is our new favorite family game.  We played on teams last time.

 Football Sunday at church.  The first year we have participated.

 These are older pics...Katie and Ruby watching tv.

 Katie and Noah played restaurant.

 The first time I caught her sucking her thumb.

 With Katie's baby doll.

 Now they are all out of order.  This is a shot I took of the ornaments I was helping to cut out for the Operation Christmas Child tree at church.

 Another shot on our corn maze/rock city trip.

 She LOVES the exersaucer now!

 My lunch one day this week.  Tuna melt and salad.

 Katie's babydoll.

She is trying her very best to crawl!   STOPPIT!

Another from a while back.  This is how I found her after a nap.  Her arm all the way in the shirt.

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Godsgalnj said...

LOL - "She's learning to crawl...STOPPIT" hahahha!

She is so so adorable! :)

Playing restaurant looks like so much fun... I wonder who came up with the idea for some facial hair? lol