Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Weekend Fun

We took our first journey through a corn maze this past weekend.

 It was actually pretty challenging.  Corey couldn't even see over the top. 

 Katie and Ruby and I split up from the boys and got lost.  They had to come back in and get us. ha ha.

 The maze was located in the valley below Rock City.  You can see the viewing point up there, and if you click to view bigger you can probably see the 7 flags which represent the 7 states you can "view" from that point.  
 There were two parts to the maze.  The second part went much quicker than the first.
 Ruby slept through the maze.  It was my first time wearing her on my back.  It was so convenient and comfy!


 After the maze there was a hay ride.

 The best pictures we could get of the three of them. ha.  
It was pretty hot in the valley.  
 Then pumpkin painting.

 I painted a teeny pumpkin for Ruby.  I didn't get a picture of it yet.

 Last activity at the corn maze: corn cob slingshots!

 The farm also featured a Rock City barn.
After the corn maze, we met up with Nanna and Poppa up the mountain at Rock City for "Rocktoberfest."

 From the top viewing point you could see the maze from above. If you click on this you might can see it better.  Noah said from the viewing binoculars he could see the people walking around the maze, particularly on the bridge that was in the middle of the maze.
 Silly girls!

 They had traditional German this lady playing the accordion.

 This picture cracks me up!

 A silly family picture.

And a picture with Nanna.
I am glad we have the family membership to Rock City.  They have many different seasonal themes which will make it fun to visit year round.  Next, I believe, is the Christmas lights display!


laurie walker said...

looks like a ton of fun.. love the goofy family picture.. definately my favorite!

Godsgalnj said...

=D looks like you all had a GREAT time! =D I love Ruby's smile :) ...the slingshot and the painting activities look like they were loads of fun :) love the pic of you with Ruby on your back, and the 'corny' pic as well as the family pics :) such a cute fun-loving family!! :)

ronnie said...

Looks like fun! :)

Andy's Bethy said...

Well, I tried to comment on this once, and it doesn't seem to have worked... sorry if you get this twice.

It seems that I have been talking to you on the phone too much (as if that is possible) and have failed to look at your blog and tell you what beautiful pictures you have. I am so glad you have the membership to Rock City, and I truly wish we could have gone with you for the Octoberfest.
Maybe for the Christmas lights?
Love you!