Thursday, July 25, 2013

Challenge Update

Okay! So I didn't get around to blogging yesterday, but I will just skip to today instead.

As of this morning, I am down 3.6lbs and 3 1/2 overall inches since Sunday! I know that anytime a new diet is started, those first pounds just drop away easily, but I am still encouraged! I HATE where I started, and I hope that once this cleanse phase is over I will feel more energized and able to do some exercise which I know will help even more!

The fiber drink yesterday was YUCK! Again! BUT, today I got a break for it until the last three days of the cleanse phase, so I am happy about that.  Today I had two eggs and a piece of toast for breakfast, and we had pork chops for lunch.  I made my pork chops separately just cooked in pineapple chunks with the juice and they were delicious.  I had garlic oven roasted asparagus with it.  Everyone else also had mashed potatoes and mac n cheese.  I just had my afternoon Spark with some almonds for a snack.  I really am feeling the lasting effects (ahem 2am) of the caffeine, but I SO look forward to the drink in the afternoon, so maybe my body will get used to it eventually.  Late late last night I was starving and had a banana at 1am, so that's probably not great, ha ha.  But oh well.

One plus I am noticing, and I did this when I was doing a strict paleo diet, is the energy I get after eating.  I don't know if it's because my body is "feeling" deprived right now due to the drastic change in food amount, but regardless I am getting that "rush" after meals that I SO enjoyed when eating paleo.  Much better than the draggy feeling I was having after eating junk and tons of carbs.  I really feel that I need to help implement this more with the kids too because I know they would feel better without a carb at every meal.  Everyone does!

AND potty training is still very hit or miss.  She definitely understands, but she's just in the experimental phase I guess.  It is looking like whether she's wearing panties or a diaper doesn't really make a difference.  OFTEN she will just pee in the panties, and many times she will tell us she needs to go potty when she's wearing the diaper.  She is just very two years old and if I can tell she needs to go and she doesn't want to, there is NO making her (without screaming and flailing away from the seat).  This isn't a live or die issue yet, so I'm not going to make her with screaming.  I'd rather reserve the seriousness for her more often tendency to draw on things that aren't paper.

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Andy's Bethy said...

Good stuff! One day at a time, right? Love you!