Friday, August 23, 2013

Being a Responsible Parent

Well, at the end of the school week I decided to go ahead and restock the kids' pencil pouches with newly sharpened pencils.  And go ahead and sharpen all the dull ones in our supply box as well. The biggest hurdle in any given school day CAN become the dilemma of finding a sharpened pencil, a situation which we have so far been able to avoid due to buying PRE-sharpened pencils in abundance, and  maintaining a good electric sharpener.  The way to maintain a good sharpener is to avoid using it for colored pencils and "novelty" pencils.  Only good brand pencils allowed, and only mom is allowed to use the sharpener.  I take this entire situation very seriously.
So...I'm just minding my own business, sharpening pencils.  Ruby was brushing her teeth in the bathroom with her Nanna.
Then, Nanna comes out of the bathroom.  Without Ruby.
"Is Ruby still in there with you?"
"No, I haven't seen her since she was brushing her teeth."
It doesn't take long for us to find her.  She is SO VERY GOOD at being quiet.
I mean, I remember it wasn't that long ago, that quiet meant something completely this:

or this....

Now, this time, the quiet meant some very different "busy-ness"

" 'S PITTY SEE?!" -Ruby (it's pretty see?)

And yes, my first reaction was to get a photo.  Because it wasn't like I could quickly intervene and prevent a mess.

At least it wasn't on carpet. Or a bedspread.
Technically I guess I've never told her to NOT do that.

But I have now.

She got a good twice over with some nail polish remover, and a bath.  It will take a while yet for the rest to wear off.  And the floor came clean with remover as well.
But I did get a bit woozy in the process.

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